10 Life Hacks You Must Know for Survival in Delhi

Delhi is a comedy of errors. It’s huge and ultra-complex. Being home to nearly 2 crore people looking for subsistence, it is finicky yet caring at the same time. The people of Delhi also showcase similar attributes. Even though we are used to living in relatively big spaces in comparison to other Indian metropolitans, we somehow manage to sneak into the most crowded of public transport everyday without much complaining. Even though we are infamously the ‘Tu Jaanta Nahi Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai’ kind, we would still park our Mercedeses outside the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara and handle other people’s footwear with unconditional compassion. We essentially do everything with all our hearts intact.
Every city has its own idiosyncrasies, and Delhi is filled up to the brim due to its innate juxtaposition. Hence, you need to know how the city functions before you are dragged off the track by the hustle & bustle.

Here are 10 life hacks you must know to survive in Delhi:

  1. Never stand at the opening door when the train approaches Rajiv Chowk if you don’t wish to get down there. You will be sandwiched in the melee of crowd and damaged beyond repair.Rajiv Chowk
  2. Never pay heed to the quoted prices at Palika Bazaar, those are at least 5 times the actual product price. Always bargain.Palika
  3. They do not actually serve Paranthe at the ultra-famous Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk. Those are deep-fried puris instead. And trust me, you get better “paranthas” at a thousand other places in the city.Paranthe
  4. Never give you mobile handset for repair at the famous Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh. At most shops, they will replace your mobile’s internal parts with old ones, screwing your device up even more.Gaffar
  5. All the shady bars of the city actually do serve hukkas despite the ban. You just have to be more persistent and also willing to churn out cash. Preferably, a woman in your group should ask the waiters to bring out the hukkas tucked inside; they do not refuse women.Hukka
  1. If you are hungry dead in the night, drive over to under the Naraina flyover or Convergys office in Gurgaon. You get the best paranthas there at inexpensive prices. Egg, Mutton, Chicken, Mixed, Aloo – you get all variety with dollops of butter & pickle, served right to your car.naraina
  2. Never halt your car after climbing the cantonment flyover on your way to the airport. Police is always around somewhere and they issue a heavy challan as soon as they find you doing the same. The worse you can do is try to offer them a bribe, it’ll only inflict a bigger challan.Airport
  3. If you are cinema buff, you can watch the best world cinema at India Habitat Centre for free. Events are mostly free.IHC
  1. Looking for a fantastic yet inexpensive pair of jeans? Head over to Tank Road near Karol Bagh. This is where most of the non-branded jeans in India are made. You will get any kind at throwaway prices here.Tank Road
  2. Delhi Metro is the safest mode of transport for women. Especially at night. ladies coach

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