11 Indian St+ART Artists You Ought To Know About!

An explosion of art comes into existence as St.ART Delhi makes their fantastic attempt at painting the Indian landscape with colours of freedom, love, culture and harmony. Starting from the 15th of Dec, 2015 and going up till 16th Feb, 2016, this urban art fest brings together Indian and International street artists for a month of murals, installations and more. Aiming to get art accessible to a wider audience, the venues include huge empty walls in Lodhi Colony, Lado Sarai and Govind Puri Metro among others. Here is a list of Indian artists participating this year.

  1. Amitabh Kumar, Bangalore

Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar—a designer, artist, media enthusiast and a graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda—is progressing towards blurring the lines between art and design along with alleviating the conspicuous gap between art and culture. He is known for reimagining anesthetized spaces and being less political in intent.

  1. Anpu, Delhi


This Delhi-based painter and street artist had her first encounter with street art in Bermen, Germany where she shared a studio with different artists and has been stenciling on the walls ever since. She describes herself as a hardcore colourist and someone whose ‘compositions inhabit a morbid space with a sense of serenity’. Her famous catwithwoollenyarn mural has become a landmark for the residents of Khirki Extension.

3.Baadal Nanjundaswamy, Bangalore


Remember this picture of the life-sized crocodile in the middle of a road—trending throughout the internet—after civic authorities failed to repair a pothole? That was Nanjundaswamy trying to bring it to the attention of the Bangalore municipal corporation. He is an Indian painter, based in Bangalore, famous for his 3D painting and street art.

  1. Daku, Delhi


Famous for his stenciled F-word across nine spots in Mumbai overnight in 2011, this graffiti artist—going by the nom de plume Daku (which literally means dacoit in Hindi)—revolves his work around socio-political issues and society in general. He got introduced to graffiti in 2006 and also organised India’s first-ever street art festival in Delhi in 2013 “[The street art is] decorative, contextual, layered and artists aren’t afraid of giving their name. Graffiti is more underground, more rebel.” —Daku told the Wall Street Journal in 2013.

  1. Guesswho, Delhi


The elusive artist. The Indian ‘Banksy’. An enigma. Guesswho? The artist goes by several names and is known to crawl out at midnight to cover the walls of a the green town called Kochi, on the southern tip of India, with eccentric artwork and stencil work. His/her work is a bizarre yet charming marriage between Indian traditional portraits and famous western figures. He/she believes that art plays a major role in developing the cultural landscapes and consciousness of the city.

  1. Harsh Raman, Delhi


Street Artist + Illustrator + Graphic Designer + Film Maker + Yoga Guru. This is how Harsh Raman, the creative director of Harkat Studios, describes himself. He believes that art connects people and street art is a brilliant medium to spread ideas. For him, art liberates and it is a suggestion of equality for it is for everyone. This was the reason he chose to move art out of the four walls and to the streets.

7.Inkbrushnme, Mumbai


Harshvardhan, a graduate from the Art and Design school, is an eclectic visual artist who has been exploring the different aspects of Indian Mythology and mystical philosophies,propelling towards a modern interpretation. He also initiated SWED-Searching Empty Walls Disorder which is an overwhelming desire to paint the mysteries of the mind and the cosmos on any ‘willing’ surface. In 2007, he formed his own collective called Inkbrushnme—a cluster of graphics, illustrations, novels and children’s books.

  1. Ranjit Dahiya, Mumbai


Ranjit Dahiya belongs to a small village of Sonepat district, Haryana, where he made a living from white washing walls. His tremendously love for old-bollywood-glam led him to devloping skills in graphic design and a mural art. From Amitabh’s iconic pose in Deewar to glorious Madhubala as Anarkali—this man aims at transforming the scene of Mumbai through his graffiti art influenced by vintage Bollywood posters of the 70’s.

  1. Shilo Shiv Suleman, Bangalore

ShiloFelicitated with the Femina ‘Woman of Worth award’ for her contribution in art and gender violence, this visual artist is known for creating an amalgamation of technology and art for social change. Her Ted Talk on ‘Using tech to enable dreaming’ collected a lot of accolades in 2012. An innovator who brought about sculptures glow with your breath and apps instigating brainwaves to react along with installations that you immediately feel a connection to.

  1. Tyler, Mumbai


“Art is more important than the artist.” – Tyler
Tyler—an andheri-based graffiti artist covered by a cloak of anonymity and known for his obsession with Fight Club—his name is inspired by the classic nihilistics character played by Brad Pitt called Tyler Durden—believes in the might of stencils and sprays. Political expressions combined with an intriguing blend of humour, imagination and wit makes his art relatable while bringing smiles to the face of the spectators.

  1. Ullas Hydoor, Bangalore


Ullas Hydoor is a Bangalore based architect who swivels between street art, graffiti and public art installations. Apart from exploring the imagination of the human mind and his fierce curiousness about life, Hydoor’s art is tremendously inspired from the prevalent socio-cultural conflicts. Find more of his work here.

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