12 Essential APPS For Everyday Life in Delhi

New Delhi is a hyper-connected, always-plugged-in city. Need proof? Just take a ride on the Metro, and you’ll see crowds of commuters staring into the blue screen abyss of their smartphones.

But what exactly are Delhiites doing on their smartphones — besides swiping right, liking artsy-fartsy Instagram feeds, and responding willy-nilly to classified emails?

Well, a lot of us are using ’em to make everyday life a little bit easier. These are the apps that help you avoid hefty commute problems and deliver food and a beautician to your doorstep. Whether it’s transportation, eating and drinking, city services, or general lifestyle needs, there’s pretty much something for whatever you need. Here are 12 essential apps for daily life.

  1. Uber


Android/ iOS

What it does: Gets you a reliable ride in no time.

Uber is fast, convenient and pocket-friendly — all at the same time. It makes your travel around the city or out so much easier, especially amidst the terrible Delhi summer. Whether you’re exiting a late night parties or heavily crowded concerts — you always have Uber to depend on. And with UberPOOL in the scene, a cheap ride back home is just an app install away.


  1. Delhi public transport offline metro app



What it does: Get directions and schedules for Delhi Metro and bus while offline.

New to Delhi? Facing problem in getting from one location to another? Well, this app is the one-stop solution to all your commuting problems in Delhi. So if cabs are not your kind of a ride and you’re trying to find a very cheap way to travel around NCR — this apps has will help you search for the relevant Delhi Metro, bus direction and schedules without requiring Internet data. It will also notify you of Delhi Metro and bus transit news and major delays. Life made simple!


  1. EazyDiner



What it does: Picks where you’re gonna eat.

If you are a foodie and likes to try out different restaurants and pubs every other week — this is your app. Whether it is instant reservations, mind blowing deals with every meal, complimentary drinks or discount on desserts, they have a whole variety to choose from. One would also find exclusive restaurant reviews by India’s top food critic, Vir Sanghvi along with 3 insider tips per restaurant.


  1. Zomato



What it does: Search and discover great places to eat at or order in from.

The reason this app is in the list is because good food is important and they deliver it to your doorstep day in and day out. Whether it is chhole bhature, sushi, doughnuts or Afghani burgers — they can get absolutely anything that fancies your platter. This app makes life a happy place so go install it, if you already haven’t!



  1. Eventshigh



What it does: Events, Activities & Things To Do In Delhi – Today, This Weekend & Upcoming.

You don’t have to spend another evening at home, getting bored. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or you’re amidst the aftermath of a long lazy Sunday afternoon — this app opens up a world of happening events around you. From arts to music, poetry readings, DJ night and movie screenings — anything that interests you is brought to your notice instantly.


  1. Apple Music



What it does: Gives you access to all the music in the world.

A city life ought to get a lot more hectic than what can be called bearable with it’s incessant movement and no pit stops. Music helps. Music revives. Apple Music makes life better by bringing to us all our favourite artists, albums and songs in one place and syncs it with all our devices which have Apple Music installed on them. Well, among a lot of other music apps that I have used, this one seems to be the most brilliant of them all.



  1. Pocket



What it does:  Save articles, videos or pretty much anything for later.

Reading, watching videos or getting access to pretty much any kind of content is so much easier with this app. All you have got to do is save articles directly from your browser or apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite to be read later using this particular app which works on your phone, tablet or computer even without internet!


  1. Shazam



What it does: Helps identify music, get song lyrics, and discover the music that artists discover themselves.

Imagine this! You are in a cafe or a pub. You find yourself tapping your feet to the tunes song playing the background and have no idea what song it is. This is probably your next favourite song that you would want to hear on loop. This app helps you spot the song right away! All you have to do is Shazam the song playing to find all the details of the songs.


  1. Paytm



What it does: Makes all kinds of payments faster and easier.

This app is a life saviour when it comes to payments with no hassle of carrying money around in your wallet at all times. Whether it is a cab ride, shopping in a mall, restaurant bills, a quick phone recharge or even a metro card recharge — this app takes care of it all!


  1. Urbanclap



What it does: One stop destination for all urban lifestyle services.

Too lazy to move out to get a wax? Need a plumber to fix your sink? Looking for a wedding photographer? Need to get your house cleaned? Looking for an interior designer? Well, this one app helps you to find all kind of services under the sun near you in no time at affordable prices.


  1. 7 minute workout



What it does: Keeps you fit at the cost of a small investment of 7 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Staying healthy is hard! a lot of us deal with this struggle on a daily basis to take out time to work out even three times in a week. The 7-Minute Workout app brings to you an easy set of exercises that can be performed anywhere with a very small investment of time and an app install!



  1. Stickman Dismounting



What it does: Helps you kill (time) quite literally!

Trying to kill time? Now you can literally kill with this beautifully designed game app that is both fun and engaging! One got to have this on their smart phones. Caution: This game is addictive AF!


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