17 Habits of Highly Effective Delhiites

You can love Delhi or hate it. It will still be one of the best places to live until the extreme heat or cold is paired with a broken AC or rains. A Delhite’s day is a mix of work, travel and recreation with the city offering enough to keep us busy in each. We asked around and made a list of all the things you can squeeze in to keep yourself active and running every day.

  1. Always have the DMRC and Google Maps and the Delhi Public Transport Offline on your phone to stay on track to your destination even if you’re stuck in a tunnel without a single bar of mobile signal.1
  1. Knowing your way isn’t enough though. If you mostly take metros or cabs, instead of gluing yourself to a screen, keep printouts of something you plan on reading later or invest in a Kindle. The only side-effect that can have is missing your station because you were too engrossed in reading.2
  2. Whether its winters or summers, you will lose water through the day because of the dry wind and that can take a toll on your health. Always carry a bottle of water and make a point to track how much you drink through the day. The healthy amount is 2 litres.3
  1. We realised that the most effective Delhiites have one trick up their sleeve that you can try: Sign up to all the Facebook pages whose events or suggestions you like. This will give you the power to make plans for the evening on the fly.4
  2. They are also acquaint with the best delivery options available depending on the time of the day. Pro tip: Have Swiggy and Zomato Delivery apps on your phone at all
  3. Munchies don’t warn before it strikes.6
  4. They make sure that they make a visit to the hills few hours away or drive down to the Taj Mahal for a weekend. Traveling is the best way to recover from a hectic week.7
  5. They also make sure they get off at the right station on the metro. Especially at the Rajiv Chowk metro station where all you have to do is wedge yourself between people and hold onto your dear life when close to the station.8
  1. Besides the iPhone, the other great thing Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the world to in 2007 was the APp Store and since then, everyone’s life has gone through a paradigm shift from yellow pages to app to get the job done. Luckily for Delhiites more than rest of the city dwellers, apps can make going out obsolete, especially in this cruel Delhi heat.9
  1. They know where to get their butter chicken and Daulat ki chaat. You have to know which place will satiate your craving the best.10
  2. By knowing all the healthy eating spaces in Delhi. Health is one of the most ignored and it becomes excruciatingly difficult to keep a track of the calories you’re shoving in. At this point in life, you need to find ways to eat right.11
  3. Know all the underground scenes of the various creative groups of Delhi NCR. Because even though it’s scattered, the music, art and creative scene of the city is still alive and pumping.12
  4. They definitely now — either the passcode or the people with the passcode — of the speakeasy bars of Delhi. This is a litmus test for resourceful Delhiites. You have to have access to the off-the-books nightlife of the city.13
  5. This is for all the Delhi Ladies — They know their way through free drinks every night of the week.14
  6. Also, they know which parties are BYOB and make sure they bring their own booze. Instead of ending up standing awkwardly because the shops are too far from the location.15
  7. They find time to check out the museums, historical monuments and galleries of Delhi NCR. And if you haven’t you have to see them before they erode away from human and natural disasters.16
  8. They asses the metro instead of their cars or cabs because if you know the right time and route, nothing’s more convenient and cheap.17

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