5 Apps You Need To Follow To Up Your Fashion Game

Fashion has finally marched down the runway and into everyone’s phone and we love the result; a bunch of fashion apps that have made life so much easier. Today one need not follow runway or fashion channels to get the idea for the latest trend. Just open a few apps and get the best of fashion world with few clicks on the smart phone. From fashion houses to independent designers everyone has decided to board the “app” bandwagon and it has helped the fashion challenged to the fashion curious. Now since there are so many of these apps in the market, a user is bound to get confused. So here is a list of the best on-point fashion apps available in India which every fashion-enthusiast must follow:

  1. Wooplr: The app is deemed as the ultimate source of fashion discovery among its users. Interestingly the idea came out of the necessity to find a perfect t-shirt near their home by the male co-founders of this app. This led them to build an app which would help people find stores that hold their kind of style near or around them This app helps build a personalised style by helping the user discover and mark specific products and stores, both online and offline, apt to their needs.


  1. Magzter: This is perfect for people who want to know and read about researched styles and trends. It gives feeds about street style, fashion trends as well as celebrity style as soon as they are live on the internet. One has to customise it according to need and the user-friendly interface helps a lot. Additionally, Indian as well as international magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and many others are available on this app. To make it more attractive the app allows users to download and read soft copy of Noblesse India, one of the top lifestyle magazines in the country.



  1. Styledotme: This app is perfect to get the second opinion from a fashion-conscious best friend on an outfit. It helps users choose whether a dress is suited to their style or the accessory is worth investing thousands of bucks or not in a simple way. One has to upload 2 images the object in question and then create a poll. There is also a timer which further helps in making quick decisions. Then your friends or followers will help you decide by voting for their favourite look and you will know which option suits you best. The app also allows sharing this poll on Facebook and Twitter makes it even more interesting.



  1. Voonik: Touted as the next big venture in the fashion market, it caters to the Indian needs at various levels. The idea behind Voonik was to make sure that the users were able to find their style ideas and buys within the stipulated budget. Voonik helps by becoming a personal stylist who can figure out the need of the user and the biggest advantage is that they provide a virtual trial room experience which helps users decide better. This feature is unique to this app and makers want to make sure that users are hardly ever dissatisfied with their products.



  1. Roposo: Roposo is one of the largest and most diverse apps currently available in India. With over 15 million users and counting, Roposo is the platform where brands, e-commerce portals, stylists, celebrities and individual fashion-addicts share their discoveries. They form a social media network for various fashion enthusiasts and form a community which helps the users with not just products listing but personalised stories, reviews, DIYs as well as latest trends and how to incorporate them in daily life. For a busy fashionista, this app works wonders in making their look unique everyday..


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