5 Beauty & Wedding Bloggers You Should Follow ASAP

The wedding season has started in all its full glory and we’re certainly not complaining. Who doesn’t love the shenanigans after all. But for all those brides-to-be, the few months before the D-day is quite a crucial (read stressed out) time when all the landmark decisions are made and one single mess-up can leave a not so good memory forever.

Thankfully for all things beauty, shopping and fashion, we’ve got your back. Presenting a list of top 5 beauty and wedding bloggers you should start devouring already if you are getting hitched anytime soon for that perfect solution to those trousseau anxieties or make-up confusions or endless search for that perfect return gift for the guests.

  1. The Delhi Bride (Delhi): From trousseau shopping in the lanes of Chandni Chowk with you to finding the best candid photographer for those cutesy Save The Dates you have in mind, Shinjini, aka the brainiac newly-wed has you covered on all fronts. Extensive and perfectly categorized posts that you definitely want to bookmark before you begin with your Bridezilla rampage.


  1. Peaches And Blush (Gurgaon): Mehek’s easy-go-style and her personalized account of her own wedding (and now family weddings she has to attend) makes it everything that a make-up/shopping novice would need. The blog is one of the most popular ones you’d find in India and from best blushes to product reviews to innovative shopping ideas, welcome to everything girly!


  1. Lisa Elridge (London): While technically this YouTube channel is not based out of India, the wide variety of trends explained and the make-up legend Lisa Elridge herself makes you almost forget she’s the hot favourite of so many Hollywood celebrities. Her fuss-free methods, simple steps and that mellow, charming British accent guarantees you’d learn that smoky eye/contouring/fake lashes you’ve been trying to master for ages.


  1. Corallista (Mumbai/Japan): Who would believe an IIT graduate could leave everything and become a full-time beauty blogger? Shortlisted as one of the best beauty blogs by Cosmopolitan, Ankita and her blog has come a long way from product reviews to now a large following and a separate YouTube channel for tutorials. For your bridal (and otherwise) make-up and skincare recommendations, this one is a winner!


  1. The Unreal Bride (Delhi): Drama. Wit. And lots of suggestions for everything bridal. The cool duo (Kismet & April) takes up bridal projects (styling & photographs) as they come and give you a bird eye’s view of different brides and grooms (and their wonderfully woven stories). What’s not to like!


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