5 Classic Formal Pieces For The Winter and Where To Find Them

Classic formal peices are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. As one prepares to go into a board room or a meeting, classics always come to the rescue. They eliminate the need to constantly second-guess the outfit as well as have a professional air about them. While they may be slightly heavy on the pocket for some according to choice, but the payout is much more. Let’s take a look at some of the classic that should make a woman’s wardrobe.

1 Double Breasted Coat :

It can work wonders if worn over a white shirt. Otherwise also, the material and the length can make it a statement piece in the wardrobe. The more suited colors are black, navy blue and beige. The adventurous ones can try the coats in velvet or in lace for a more chic touch. The starting of these coats is from 1400 at places like Forever 21. As the brand gets higher you can spend close to 5000-7000 on each piece. The higher brands start their range from 14000 and upwards.

Classic Formal1

Classic Formal2

2.Wool Blazer :

This is a piece to bring out for every meeting. It looks great for someone wants to give the typical sweaters a miss. These come in a variety but the ones currently in trend are blush colors as well as long length blazers. The lowest range for wool blazers is 2000. The high street brands introduce their range from 4000-11000. The higher brands keep it from 11000 and upwards.

Classic Formal3

Classic Formal4

3.Long tube dress :

This is a must have for the office as it brings out a beautiful feminine look. The variety of cloth material as well as the finish harbors plenty of choices for women to choose according to their body type. We would personally suggest to stick to the mid-range as they have the best selection but the lower ranges start from 1100-2000 which go up to 3500-5000 in the mid high range. The brand conscious can get it at a cool 20000 and so on.

Classic Formal5

Classic Formal6

4.Woolen Trousers/Leggings :

An essential for the wardrobe, a perfect woollen pant can’t be given the miss. Our tip is to wear the ones that are not tight fitted. Room should be kept in the pants for leggings or other inner wear that one may want to keep the cold away with. Trousers are available in every color and pattern so exploring is the best bet. The lower ranges start at 1100, mid range starts at 3500 and it goes up to 13000 and up in the costlier brands.

Classic Formal7

Classic Formal8

5.Pencil Skirt :

The final addition to any formal wardrobe is a nice skirt. A classic tube is the best bet. If one wants to go for a feminine look then a lace skirt is suggested otherwise a leather skirt makes a strong statement. This is a piece we suggest to you take from either a mid or a high range store since it will, without fail, become a favourite peice. Find them starting at 1200 at low range stores, at high street brands they start from 2500 and the higher brands keep them up from 12000.

Classic Formal9

Classic Formal11

We have listed out the 5 best brands in each genre for you to chose out your best classic formal pieces from :

Spend it like it’s hot : Forever 21, Marks and Spencers, Bebe, United Colors Of Bennetton, Wills Lifestyle, Mango

Spend it like its cool : Zara, French Connection, Forever New, Promod, Van Huesen,

Spend it like your life depends on it : Burberry, Tom Ford, Gucci, Fendi, Versace

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