6 Delhiites Ruling the World of Instagram!

I love instagram. And so will you, if you spend enough time on it. Every morning—the first thing (Don’t judge. I know you do that too)—as I scroll down my feed, I get a glimpse of the world around me through the lens of creative and pensive bloggers, designers and illustrators. The kind of work that they do is, well, delightful in every sense of the word. Whether it’s inspiration, an element of surprise through perspective with a WOW factor involved, or simply something you can’t wait to get your hands on (in some cases, can’t wait to devour)—Instagram is a one stop destination to feed your eyes with beauty. Delhi has it’s share of inspiring instagrammers who are making a wave that is soon going to turn into a tsunami. See for yourself.


Accessories Designer. Illustrator. BellyDancer. Boho Baby. MoonChild.—This is how Mehandee Meera Dureja describes herself. Her instagram exudes an Indian goddess-like-glam. Known for her customised handcrafted accessories, this gypsy displays an intriguing mix of global aesthetics and local crafts inspired by Indian nomadic theme which is apparent in her outlandish shoe designs. She uses block printing, embroidery and batik dyeing on fabric and leather on uncanny constructions which she whole heartedly describes as ‘badass yet desi at heart—like an artwork on your feet.’



With 335 posts and 22171 followers, Anarchy’s feed is an explosion of fantastical Indian fashion, interiors, quirky compositions along with flowers, the sky and the sea. Her pictures come alive with a ‘Lana Del Rey’ feel to them, and stays with you wherever you go. We aren’t too sure whether it’s her angles, the amazing contrast or the jazzy captions that she adds to her snaps but, oh boy, do they work like magic.


3.StART India

To view the city through the eyes of an artist, this is what St+Art India makes possible. There a zillion reasons to follow them, one of them being the awe factor. The surrealism that brings along with each post and the display of the power of humans to turn the ordinary into a piece of breathtaking art that speaks for itself. The second one is it being a resplendent initiative to cover cities like Delhi and others with a coat of art and encourage artists all over the world.
StART India


If you have a sweet tooth, you’d love this 19 year old. Shivesh Bhatia, studying Political Science at Hindu College, Delhi University, created his website called Bake With Shivesh almost a year ago. You’d find scrumptious recipes of cakes and desserts complete with stunning pictures that embellish Shivesh’s instagram feed. With the following of over 60k, this boy is surely making a buzz in the town with not only his baking skills but also styling and photography.


5.Shweta Malhotra

“I love her work. I’d buy this.”— exclaimed one of my friends resonating with my feelings for this wonderful graphic designer and artist. Her subtle interpretations of Indian fashion and silhouettes in the form of stripes, checks, dots, confetti and traditional Indian patterns is guaranteed to slow down your speedy scrolling to a point where you end up staring at them endlessly. With a keen interest in design for lifestyle, music and fashion, she has worked for famous brands like Elle Magazine, Good Earth, Jabong among others. She was also a part of the well-know Kickstarter Campaign which was brought about to decorate the taxis in Mumbai.

Shweta Malhotra


This photographer peps up my feed with some of the most quirky shades of her lens which almost seem to look so much like poetry. There is an element of surprise packed in every post and she, very successfully, finds beauty in some of the most unexpected places—the scruffy yellow door on the blue wall, the glasses full of water standing against light or the wooden kitchenware—and aesthetically works her magic into these compositions.


Images via Instagram

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