The 7 Days of Ladies Night Across Delhi Bars and Pubs

Since most of the bars in and around Delhi believe in having at least one ladies night every week, we made you list to give you the power to go out drinking any night without having to pay for a single one. Here’s where to find them, when to reach and what you’ll get.


  1. The Wine Company


If you’re in a mood for a classy and chic night, this is the place to be. Nestles in the popular Cyber City Hub, The Wine House is perfect for girls’ night out with their good music, delicious Italian along with European cuisine and a bar that shall blow your mind away.

Ladies Night Timing: 7pm – 12pm

Serves sangrias, rum-based or vodka-based cocktails.


  1. Bootlegger (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


This is one of the most popular lounges in Hauz Khas Village serving Continental, Asian and Italian cuisine. Their ambience is sharp with well balanced interior lined with leather sofa seating, a dance floor, a really funky Dj place in the shape of a half truck and a bar.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 1 am

Serves starters and selected cocktails such as caprioskas and mojitos.

  1. Elf Café & Bar


If you’re looking for a cozy space to hang, chill and enjoy drinks with delicious finger food – Elf Cafe is just the place for you. The dimly lit ambience serves for the relaxing vibe and their food goes really well along with the drinks.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12:30 pm

Serves vodka-based or bacardi-based cocktails and sangrias.

  1. Fork You (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

fork you

Known for it’s polite and prompt services along with fair prices, Fork You is another well-known place in Hauz Khas Village. Their lightings are immaculate to spend a Tuesday evening to unwind and their food adds oodles of pizzazz to the setup.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 11:30 pm

Serves vodka-based cocktails.

  1. Out Of The Box


Impressive interiors. Check.

Delicious American, North Indian, European and Asian cuisine. Check.

A promising tipsy Tuesday. Check.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12 pm

Serves select cocktails made with vodka, whiskey or bacardi.

  1. Moonshine (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


Their stage is ever-ready for top-notch live performances which has to be the unique selling point of this place. Their Italian, American and Continental cuisine along with immaculate ambience is a cherry on top.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12 pm

Serves all drinks from a set package on offer.

  1. Bulldogs


Bulldogs is fun. Their multistoried, low-seating arrangement along with a decent dance floor and Italian, North Indian, Mughlai and Continental food makes it for a perfect night out on a weekday.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12 pm

Offers whiskey and vodka drinks besides shots and 20% discount on food.


  1. Uforia

Food Photography dpne by Shailja Bhatnagar for - Uforia Gurgaon.

If you’re in the mood to dance, party and set the floor on fire, you’re in for a blast over here. They recreate a music and deliciously friendly aura that is just right for a wednesday evening of fun.

Ladies Night Timing: 8 pm onwards

Offers whiskey, gin, rum and vodka in whichever form you’d like.

  1. The Village Deck

village deck

Fairly new in the block, this two-storied lounge is a delight to look at. The service is great. The food is wonderful. The vibe is majestic. What’s more? They even take your cigarette requests and get it to you from the shops downstairs.

Ladies Night Timing: 8 pm onwards

Serves vodka cocktails.

  1. The Frat House (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

frat house

This pub is the bomb. Shake a leg or two while sipping on some delicious cocktails served along with beautifully prepared European and North Indian food.

Ladies Night Timing: 7 pm onwards

Serves vodka-based cocktails.


  1. Maquina (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


A Tex-Mex bar with free vodka cocktails and a DJ playing sick beats is why Maqina is packed to the brim every thursday night. Their current ladies night menu features kaffir lime, orange and raspberry base and the bartenders are generous with the vodka.

Ladies Night Timing: 8:30 pm onwards

Serves a set of cocktail menus.

  1. Soi 7 Pub & Brewery


Their lovely outdoor setting is their biggest USP along with their in-house produced Knockout beer. Adding to that is a boxing ring! Woah! The crowd is fun and the music gets you grooving.

Ladies Night Timing: 6 pm onwards

Special ladies night cocktail menu.

  1. The Pink Room

pink room

We are just amazed with all the amazing food they offer in terms of cuisines – Asian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian, American and North Indian! Talk about variety.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12 pm

Serves any domestic liquor.


summer house

We all know about the Summer House Cafe. It’s the place to be! And interestingly it is one of the very few popular bars to have a ladies night. What a fun! We say, go for it before it’s too late!

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm onwards

Besides free drinks, it’s also the place you’ll likely walk into a gig.



TC is a cozy space you’d want to spend time with your ladies at. The service is nice and friendly. The food is decent, too!

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm onwards

Vodka and Bacardi- based cocktails.

  1. 100% Rock

100% rock

With their Continental, Seafood, Chinese and Italian cuisine in place and admiringly dynamic and relatable interiors, this place has definitely won our hearts! The open terrace and live music makes everything perfect on an imperfect Thursday evening!

Ladies Night Timing: 7 pm onwards

Serves selected cocktails.

  1. Cooper’s Bar & Grill


If games nights are something that entices your flow of life, these guys have projector for you and your mates! American, Italian and Tex-Mex cuisines go really well with everything as well.

Ladies Night Timing: 8:30 pm – 11 pm

If you want to have a pleasant conversation over drinks and dinner, this place is your best bet.


  1. Zu Tisch


If your likes comprises of sitting and relaxing with your friends and have a nice chit chat over good food – Zu should do the trick! And that too, on a saturday! This doesn’t even seem real but it is! Plus their desserts are to die for.

Ladies Night Timing: 9 pm – 12 pm

Serves their in-house cocktails, spectrum, made from rum, vodka and more.


  1. Matchbox (Tuesdays and Sundays)

match box

They indeed have a wonderful setting, good food and the musical vibes to go along with! Their amazing staff and services adds a feather to the hat. We would definitely recommend the Pizza and Fried Chicken wings here.

Ladies Night Timing: 7 pm onwards

Serves, gin, rum, vodka -based cocktails and even beer.

  1. Raasta


Raasta is popular for their music and ambience. Their European, Mexican and Italian cuisine along with their choice of alcohol is no less. Ready for Sunday night of tipsy fun and dancing – this is the place to be!

Ladies Night Timing: 8 pm – 11:30 pm

Serves four complimentary drinks.

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