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There’s a thing about suits that you can’t ignore. And you can’t it today in any case with the way they’ve been filling our TV screens on the very many shows. From Mad Men bringing back the versatile use of a suit and also showing us how there are so many kids that you can wear, to Barney Stinson’s loud and clear “Suit up” driving down the idea ever so in-your-facely, it would be odd if the trends and signs are not followed on ground by the Delhi guy. While the Delhi guy always steps up to get on with what’s new how do you really go about getting that suit (or a few) for yourself? Here-


If you want to get started with suits and don’t have too much to splurge, head to Mohan Singh Palace in  CP, next to PVR Rivoli. The whole building is full of tailors, many of whom have been around since ages. It is not the best handiwork you’ll get but be sure to get a simple suite stitched from the ground up. They also have fabric and charges are minimal. You can probably get a suit with stitching price of only Rs 1000.

5963273646_17c65e7da4_zImage – The Dilliwalla


Within CP you cannot go wrong with Vedi Tailors. They are consistent and know their cuts well. Getting customizations and alterations here also come easy as they are used to working on varied styles and trends. They can charge any amount for a suit, going up and in excess of Rs 10,000 but a simple suit for most of your needs would come in easy at Rs 3000-4500.

Vedi Tailors | M 60, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Within CP is another gem, Mohanlal Sons. They have a lineage of suit makers and also of their patrons. They are regularly visited by the political reigns from Lutyens’. Which means they know their basics well and are also deft in Indian formal wear. Sticking to the suits, they can make you one as you will or also get you a great ready-made.

Mohanlal Sons | Connaught Place, B-21, Connaught Place Inner Circle, New Delhi-01



This shouldn’t be your first or second suit. This is when you know a thing or two and have seen how you maintain them, or some lady has particularly told you that you look great in a suit and you know you have to get this one.

Get yourself to Diwan Sahib’s at South Ex. They’ll do the talking and the suit making here. All you need to know is that they’ll do a good job and throw your money at them. Walking out in a suit made here will automatically be noticed for its fit and cuts.

Diwan Saheb | D-7, 1st floor, South Extension II, New Delhi-49 | 6/30, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-05


Study By Janak has been known to churn out quality stuff since a while now. They have branches all over the city and they cater to many demands, with variants ranging from traditional Indian attire to ultra-modern garments, ready-made, made-to-measure and bespoke. It’s not just a suit made to fit you but also that fits your mood and style sense.

Study by Janak | 15A/16, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-05 | 20-121, Grand Mall, Sector 28, Gurgaon-02


Tie-Tip Get an edge up with an edgy tie knot

The Van Wijk knotis a casual yet not careless. It breaks away from the traditional style knots and has a non-triangular shape. This knot is what you want to wear to a dinner date or when you’re the host but don’t want to come across as a too at-home kind of host. Try it out with a thin tie and let people know you are a modern and yet stylish man.

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