A guide to food in Shahpur Jat

Shahpur Jat has been following the footsteps of Hauz Khas Village but then it stuck to its roots of being the lowkey designer store bearing neighbourhood. Now dotted with cool graffiti all over, Shahpur Jat has slowly gathered some of the best places to eat within it’s catacombs. But if you’re one of the many who feels that SPJ is a confusing place we’re listing out all the places you should get a bite at. Check it out-

Pot belly


Probably the most well known joint of Shahpur Jat, this little eatery is bright and beautiful. They serve some of the best Bihari food you can get your paws on in Delhi. Churning out amazing litti chokha, Phis phingers, sattu paranthas and sattu cooler. They also give beer sometimes and there is an outdoor seating area. All you have to do is climb up the dodgy staircase. Do try their thalis if you’re new to Bihari cuisine.

116-C, Fourth Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Big bong theory


Considered one of the best Bengali food destinations by Bengalis themselves. It is a tiny little restaurant that houses just about two tables and mostly deliver. But what they deliver is a must have. Their idea is that the universe began with a big bang of Bengali food. From chops, boras, devils to the very well selected set meals they do it all fine. Must haves are the Prawn Malai Curry. Duck egg curry and Doi Maach. Along with this, they host high tea with tea/coffee and fish/chicken cutlets, cake, Dal bora, beet chop and other bengali chai time goodies.

122, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi



Greenr is a one of kind, all health and fresh place. Apart from being a co-working space Greenr offers great vegan friendly food and even otherwise great vegetarian options. They give amazing vegan milk shakes and cold coffee along with cold pressed juices with superfoods. They replace non-veg with veg remakes which taste just as good if not better. You’ll find things like Vegan Sausage, Earth Bowl, Puilentil Burger and Jackfruit with Pita triangles etc.

416, Behind Dada Jungi House,Shahpur Jat, New Delhi



Get your dose of some of the most delectable mocktails with flavours of melon, passion fruit and vivid combos at this vibrant joint. They do really good wild mushroom ragout and stuffed grilled chicken. More than just the food it is really the vibe that makes the place. You can also enjoy a good hookah here and sit back and spend long afternoons.

Shop 125, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Ivy and bean


More or less a coffee spot as the name suggests this one’s a really cute cafe on the first floor with a semi-outdoor seating. They are all about customising stuff you can let the staff know exactly how you want your food and coffee. They are into Brit and Italian food. Some of our favourites are the Garlic Bread with bacon and maple, the plain and simple cream cheese bagel, and their all-day breakfasts are something you could eat all day. Must try is the Velvet Egg. Apart from that they have a peculiar dish, the mango and mascarpone bruschetta. We could go on but you’ll have to try it out on your own. The food tastes fresh and has a home cooked touch to it.

119, Sishan House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Asia Central


Among everything else there are those murky and wet days when you just need some punchy asian flavours in you, that’s when you go to Asia Central. They have a large pan Asian menu where everyone gets what they want. Try their Pok choy and water chestnut crystal dumpling and prawn har gau from the dim sum menu. They are soft, light and juicy. Their Vietnamese rice rolls and tofu cups are a refreshing change to the usual Asian starters like chili basil chicken (which are also available). Vietnamese chicken skewers and wasabi prawns are to die for. The list goes on and on so it’s better to go here as a group. Wouldn’t be the best for a date as there are faces to be stuffed (unless that’s what you’re into)
141, A-2 , 1st floor, Shahpur Jat, Delhi, New Delhi 110049

Coup de food


Expats find home in this food, specially if they are French. Rolling out fresh, hot French food the place smells delicious. Get yourself a table reserved and be ready to gorge on some really authentic european munchies.  The Poulet basquaise et son riz (Chicken bisque with rice) is amazing and so is the potato salad.  They also do cheese and meat platters and also plates with 16 pieces of ham and cheese muffins, tarts etc. If you love beef (buff) get the beef menu and dig in.

110, 2nd Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

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