Adrenaline Rush with These Adventure-Fuelled Activities in NCR

When the daily grind gets too much, one must go out and explore nature once again. There are few things more relaxing than going on adventure-filled outings every once in a while to combat stressful city lives. Delhi has a fair share of adventure activities that will help take the edge off after a hectic week. From paramotoring, to sky-diving, to zip-lining, here is a list of places in and around Delhi that one can visit in order to unwind.


Paramotoring at Flyboy Air Safari

Gurgaon- Paramotoring

Not many are aware of this, but Gurgaon is home to the only motor paragliding facility in NCR. This involves all the trappings of the paraglider, but along with engines and gasoline. A trained professional pilot will accompany you as you soak in a rare bird’s eye view of the city. This can almost be a therapeutic exercise for those who are stuck in city traffic for hours in a day. The ride can stretch from anywhere between 6 to 24 kms, while the entire ride lasts upto an hour. Professional pilots accompany one on the ride, which enables the participant to just focus on the majestic view.

Price- Rs 3200 onwards

Where- Flyboy Aero Park, Sohna Road

Go-Karting at F-9 Go-karting

noida- go-karting

The 400 m long track can be tackled on powerful 7bhp carts. One has the option of choosing from motor-less models as well as high-power Super carts. If you’re in a large group, you can book 4 cars and one track at a price of Rs 10,500 for one hour.

Price- Rs 250/7 laps and Rs 350/10 laps

Where- Sector 17-18 Link Road, Near Green Park Vatika, Gurgaon

ATV riding at Polaris Experience Zone

Gurgaon- Polaris Experience Zone

Dharuhera, a quickly growing town in Gurgaon provides visitors with a fun-filled ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) riding experience. If you’ve grown up playing off-roading games such as Motocross Madness, the track here will be a delight. Slush pits, humps, all are part of the rugged experience of the dirt based terrain of the Polaris Experience. Starting from 200cc, one has the option of driving upto powerful 800cc machines. Although it is situated 40 km from Gurgaon, the driving experience will truly stand apart from the usual tame tracks found in go-karting venues. One can choose from a range of 10 ATVs which include single as well as double seaters.

Price- Ranges between Rs 385- 800

Where- Pickup Fun Zone, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Near Hero Factory, Dharuhera

Camping at Sohna

Sohna- Camping

Sohna is slowly growing to be a popular destination for adventure-seekers in the capital. Located at the foothills of the Aravalli, the scenic beauty here is unquestionable. Although it is situated 24km from the Gurgaon-Alwar highway, the distance is hardly an issue if one travels by car. The natural backdrop for the paintball course makes it truly unique and worth a visit.

Various camps such as The Adventure Camp, and King’s Jungle make up the popular spots here. There are a range of activities such as paintball, rappelling etc, and rock-climbing which can be enjoyed at the Adventure Camp. Tents and food are also provided. The outing is preferred by large corporate groups but can be enjoyed by a small bunch of close friends as well. This is adventure for beginners and one would be wrong to expect any strenuous workouts or rushes of adrenaline. However, for those who like their adrenaline rush to be tamer, this location is ideal.

At the King’s Jungle, there are further options such as a boat ride on Damdama Lake, zorbing, flying fox, and an obstacle course.

Boating & Rock Climbing at Damdama Lake

Sohna- damdama lake

Located 20km from Gurgaon, Damdama Lake is more of a picnic destination than an all-out adventure destination. The adventure activities here are largely family oriented and will appeal to all age groups. One has the options to go boating, zorbing, or take part in an Army obstacle course etc.  Hot-air ballooning, motorboating are just some of the activities that are available on request. A number of camps arrange for trekking, rock-climbing etc. Kayaking, para-sailing, cycling and nature walks are also part of the deal here.

Price: Rs 650 onwards (for a day picnic package)

Extra activities- Parasailing- Rs 700 per person, Zorbing- Rs 200 per person, Camel Ride- Rs 3000 per day


 Go-karting at Wonder Speedway Go-karting

noida- go-karting

For those looking for a slightly more authentic experience, Noida has India’s first professional two-stroke go-karting track, which is located in the large Worlds of Wonder amusement par. Unfortunately, this translates into higher costs as well. The track can be booked for Rs 20000-25000 for an hour. This one makes more sense if one is booking a larger event like a corporate party, or any gathering with more than 10-15 people. Go-karts here range from twin engine pro karts to duet karts and single-seaters. The track length is 650m.

Price- Rs 400/3 minutes, Rs 1000/12 minutes

Where- Worlds of Wonder, Sector 38


Tandem Skydiving at Skyhigh India

Aligarh- tandem skydiving

This one is not for the faint-hearted. To put into context the seriousness of this, one requires a medical certificate clearance, an hour of training a security check before being cleared for the activity. The jump is from a height of 10,000 feet, which is not much, considering an average sky-dive is usually 12000 feet. But it is still a lot more than your average outdoor experience. Certified by the DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), safety should not be much of a concern. Since you will be strapped onto an instructor, you will have the luxury of soaking in the view, as you freefall for 30 seconds at a leisurely pace of 200km/hr, before parachuting down to safety.

Price- Rs 25,000 onwards

Distance by road- 120km (from Noida)




The historically significant city in Rajasthan, Neemrana is a must-visit for moderate thrill-seekers. One of the prominent activities here is zip-lining. Flying Fox runs zip line tours that involve 2-3 hours of being suspended over the scenic Aravalli Ranges, as you glide past the Rajasthan countryside and the Neemrana Fort-Palace. The length of the activity ranges from 90m to 400m.

Price- Rs 1,649 per person

Hot-air balloon ride

Neemrana- hot air balloon

This experience is ideal for those looking for a serene and non-adrenaline fuelled outing. So sit back and relax as you float over the picturesque mountain ranges, forts, and colourful fields. The hour-long flight takes place at a height of 800 to 1200 feet.

Price- Rs 12,000

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