Antidote: The City’s New Poison.

Antidote is not just another cold press juice brand in the city. Sure it is one of them but it is to cold pressers what the Earth is to the Solar System. It doesn’t have life but makes you feel alive and breathes new energy in you. The juices are 100% organic, pure and hygienic. They stand for, “Living it up is no sin, let’s us provide you the fuel to keep going. Don’t drown your indulgences, drink your Antidote.”


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Started by Nadia Singh Bahl who has always been passionate about building brands and relationships. She was joined by Simran, a homemaker and nutritionist, was driven to a more holistic approach to life as her health deteriorated without any real reason. And then came Carol, whose career in media and journalism took a toll on her health. It was during this time that she realized the need to dote on one’s body in order to keep it at its best. During her time off to pamper herself back to stellar condition she conceived the idea and Antidote.

“Antidote basically gives you instant nutrition on-the-go. It actively takes care of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. Because our juices are fortified with superfoods every bottle of juice gives you dense nutrition and takes care of different aspects of the body- some juices aid in better skin & hair, healthier metabolism, stronger digestive & immune system ,” is their take on the bottled goodness.

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But this doesn’t just happen to be put into bottles and sent out for you to consume. ”There was a whole year of R&D before the recipes were finalised in tandem with a nutritionist and lab testing to determine and tweak the vitamin and mineral count for every blend. Followed by real time trials on volunteers to measure the juice programs efficacy.”

How does all this really happen you may ask? Well it takes a lot of hard work and precision but here’s a simpler take. All ingredients are sourced from only organic farms across India. The produce is washed and cleaned in ozonised water so it gets rid of all impurities. The juice is freshly pressed every morning and then bottled in dark amber glass so that the live enzymes stay intact unaffected by heat or sunlight. The juice boxes are then dispatched for delivery in a cold box around Delhi and NCR. Most of the deliveries are made between 7 & 11 am daily or through the day upon demand.

We tried their Go Liquid Until Dinner plan. It is aimed and cleaning out your system, revitalizing your energy and making you feel fresh and clean from inside out. It came promptly on time in two cardboard boxes in which were 7 amber glass bottles packed snugly and chilled to the point that there was frost all over. Here’s what we make of it.

The Starter a lemon parsley turmeric ginger peppermint raw honey and alkaline water mix sounds like a lot but tastes and feels really simple and light. It is great to get you up and about. It’s slightly pungent to taste and takes a sip or two to get used to. By the time you’re half done with the bottle you’re enjoying it more with every sip and ready for the day.

The Pumper is a rather full bodied drink. It is being on a liquid diet for most part of the day this one gives you the right push with clean calories of spinach. The taste is neutralized with pear juice and added benefits of wheatgrass and moringa. Tastes really nice and you feel like gulping it all down at once. Though as you drink it you begin to feel full and as the name suggests, pumped!

The Flusher is a delicious drink. With a familiar taste of apple and carrots, this one seems more like a regular juice and is great to get through till the next. A well balanced drink that doesn’t make you feel too light. It doesn’t seem like having a medicine and probably aimed to keep your vital statistics just where they are.

The Elixir sounds wonderful but tastes awful. That doesn’t mean you skip it and you won’t really be able to as by now you’re feeling quite hungry. Not weak though. With Kale, Tomato, Cucumber, celery and sea salt it is probably the lightest drink on the list and not a sweet one. It’s actually salty and well you can either gulp it all down at once or wince after every sip. For its taste, this one must do some good.

The Polisher pineapple, pear, arugula, green tea, ginger, peppermint, cinnamon & ashwagandha extract. That’s a lot of stuff in one bottle and it makes as much of an impact on your body. From Lung and bone repair to digestive aid it does everything for you. The green tea helps in fat burn, cinnamon keeps blood sugar in check. It is not the best tasting of the lot but then it also has ashwagandha that is a one stop for anti-aging, aphrodisiac, moisturizing and anti-depressant. We’d have two of these if we could.

The Conditioner was well… almond milk and though the vanilla water and coconut sugar did cut through the weird taste. The after taste after each sip was awkwardly bitter. You couldn’t drink it with a straight face is all we’re saying. But then again the first time anyone had soy milk it felt the same so it probably just takes a little getting used to.

The Alkalizer– tastes a little bit like digene tablets, but that’s because of the peppermint. In each of the drinks you can somehow manage to taste each of the ingredients individually. Apple, cougette, parsley, peppermint and lemon in this case. Every sip is highly refreshing and goes in really easy. It is the last drink before you get to have your dinner. We timed it at 7:30. Couldn’t have been any later because hunger was at its peak. Having had six bottles of, with the vegan mylk as exception by now you’re quite used to the general taste of them all. If fact you’ll start enjoying them all the more.

The drinks aren’t designed particularly to make them taste awesome but it is the good that they do to your body that has been kept in mind. Saying they taste bad is far from the truth though. It is unlike anything you’ve had before. It’s not nimbu paani, neither a juice just something in the middle of it all. At the end of the day you’ll be starving because there isn’t anything solid in you. And that can be fixed with a nice protein rich meal. This cleanse plan is a must every month.

Where: Kiosk in Select City Walk. Delivery all across Delhi & NCR


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