Apni Toh BarShala

Remember your trips to Paharganj for the original My Bar? The simpler times with simpler prices for booze? And then came a change when it wasn’t all that cheap anymore. In fact the only think cheap you can find there are the people. Things are looking bright again for us- the constantly thirsty and always broke. BarShala has got their drinking funda spot one. All you need is the company of your friends and cheap/no flares selection of drinks. A place where the brokest drunk can go ahead and get further drunk without being out of money to take an auto home. Having sorted this one mantra they are the fastest growing chain of Bars in the country, having opened 4 chains in their 4 months of existence; Janakpuri, East of Kailash, Karkardooma and Paharganj (yes!).


So how low can the prices be you might think? Well a 60 ml Smirnoff is just 60 bucks. Ya think about that for a minute or better still imagine a pint of Bira for 100 bucks. Yes that’s lower than the lowest thing you can do to get cheap alcohol. It’s lower than your mom’s expectations of you when you come home drunk. And that’s just a part of how low things can get at BarShala. Get your hands on some of the best drinking snacks aka Chankhna. The stuff that you’d make at home or at a carobar. Think boiled eggs, papad, Kurkure chaat, masala peanut, aalu chaat, chicken nuggets, fingers, wings and all sorts of chatpata assortments that you’ve skipped, not had because you couldn’t find them or put in the effort to get/make and just gotten more drunk than expected and woke up with a massive hangover. Now is your chance to get back at those hangovers that you didn’t deserve, just drink up as much as you can but also eat some of these mouthwatering snacks and keep your lever happy. Wake up each time feeling like a princess (a slightly bloated one at that).


We tried their Bomos (momos with a different name) with some Old Monk. It was one of the best combinations ever. Also that is bound to happen when your Old Monk costs just Rs 100… for 180 ml. LIKE WHAT!?! Yes that’s the beauty of the place and we’re just waiting for more BarShalas to open up soon so that we can never be sober again. It would the ideal way to commute through the city. Just get to the nearest Barshala get a drink and move to the next one. You can go ahead and mix up some spirits and make some cocktails on your own. Just be sure you’re not driving or maybe not even doing anything the next day. We know we’re going to be regulars here for a long time to come maybe even till our livers give up. But who cares if it doesn’t cost anything. Visit their fun website here.

Cost for two: Rs 1000-1200

At Janakpuri, Karkardooma, Paharganj and East of Kailash.

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