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We all get our Golden Harvest brown breads from the roadside stall or just delivered with eggs in the morning. But bread actually makes up for an important part of our meals and day. You can be an oaf and just pick up the roadside loaf, but you want some real bread loafing, here’s a simple and helpful list you can follow. Try them out and let us know which you like the best. (b)Read on!


Swiss Gourmessa

 One of the best places you can pick a loaf in Delhi or Gurgaon, Swiss Gourmessa offers you everything from French loaves, sandwich breads, dinner rolls to mini croissants. Everything is fresh and smells heavenly. Each loaf can cost you some 80 to 200 bucks, some even more but they are all worth it. What remains a favourite though are the Italian ciabatta and Swiss country bread. Try it with smoked salmon and a dash of lemon juice.
Where: 18, E Block Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi and German Centre, 12th Floor, Building 9, Tower B, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon


No list about baked stuff can go without mentioning this beauty. Everyone’s favourite for chicken patties, cream pastries and mutton shammi kebabs, Wenger’s churn out really great breads as well. Noteable mentions being Jalapeno Bread, Garlic Bread, Sweet Bread & Sun-Dried Tomato Bread. You can’t really go wrong here as these breads come from experience of decades of baking almost everything. And when a loaf costs you just about Rs 35 to 60 then there is really no stopping. These breads work best for everyday use and regular sandwiches.

Where:  A16, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Bread and more

What started in GK has spread out to other parts of the city because of the huge success that it has been. Bread and More have a special range of artisanal breads. Each of these can cost you 60 to 100 bucks but are surely the best bang for your buck. Try their French Peasant and Herbed Focaccia loaf. The olive rustica too is a great pick. These breads smell heavenly and look like they’ve been picked from a set of a french movie.

Where: N-17, Greater Kailash – I Market and C/21, Behind C-Block Market Vasant Vihar

Defense Bakery

A Delhi institution, Defence Bakery has for long, been the go-to place for the people of Delhi. Their breads enjoy a popularity like none other. On offer are dinner rolls, soup sticks, garlic toasts, ciabatta buns, and what not. And all of it is as fresh as it gets. More breads you can lay your hands on are country bread loaves, oregano bread loaf, jumbo sandwich bread, multigrain bread loaf, dinner rolls, lavash, ladi paos, and hot dog and burger buns. This isn’t a bakery, it is a bread heaven. Once you’re done with the breads pick up a stuffed muffin. Or two.

Where: 34, Defence Colony Market

Home for food traditions

This is not the most common place to pick up your bread from but it definitely should be. They make their breads with stuff that makes you feel nice about having them. Jawar, millet, rye, corn are some of the grains they use, with no preservatives. They are also high-fiber and low on bad starch. Check out their special stuffed breads called Bhisri, especially look for mutton, chicken and spinach corn variants. A little on the higher end with the price, they start from Rs 90.

Visit them here

 Madison and Pike

A quaint café in Gurgaon, Madison and Pike has gained popularity for their baked goods. Ciabatta, Focaccia, Oatmeal or Flaxseed, they’ve got it all and that too on order. They make everything right from scratch when you want it and how you want it. Take a few brioche buns from here and you’ll be good without any loaves.

 Tip: You can also pick up some good breads at Modern Bazar, Le Marche, Nature’s Basket and Foodhall.

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