Are You into Yoga Café?

Yoga has become a phenomenon all across the globe to the point that it is today something not associated with health but fanaticism. But before yoga there is another kind of practice that can help your mind, body and soul stay healthy. That is the practice of eating healthy. While today there are a myriad options of eating out and many restaurants offer simpler, leaner options like salads and soups there’s aren’t many that boast serving only health food.
But the one we are talking about does this, and does it well. Yoga Café has nothing to do with yoga but maybe has the same effects through food. They’re based out of East of Kailash and work on a delivery/pick-up system. The café’s trademark is that they serve you gluten-free and dairy-free food that is freshly prepared from the best ingredients, each time before it is packed and sent to you. The café was started by Mona and Sheetal Madan back in 2013, when they had a real sit-down dining space in Shahpur Jat. Talking to Sheetal about the inception of the café she tells us, “It came about after I personally changed my food habits and went dairy and gluten free. Seeing the dearth of such options in the city my sister and I joined hands to take on the responsibility. We felt that there were others who’d wish to have good gluten and dairy free food, for medical reasons or not.”

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Yoga Café offers a weekly meal plan, from which you can order a meal in a box, which includes a salad, main and desert. You can also choose to order a soup and sandwich combo or a salad of the day. Their meals are prepared using non gluten free grains like jowar, different kinds of millet. They also give you a mix of rice like brow, red and sometimes even rare North-Eastern black rice. Their usual meals are made up of grilled chicken with cilantro lime rice or rice noodles with mince chicken and mushroom and tofu in soy sesame dressing. Along with this you also get a salad and dessert or if you wish then just this.

Their desserts are small in portion, almost like a sweet gesture. It is not to indulge and feel full. They do not use artificial sweeteners, instead mix and match ingredients like jiggery, dates, honey or just fruits. This not only completes a meal the traditional way us Indians like it but also barely adds to anything you’d not want in your diet. For those who want to cut out even this tiny bit or don’t have a sweet tooth can opt out.

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But what makes the same meal-in-a-box even better is the option of going paleo or very low carb where no grains are used, except maybe buckwheat at times. In these meals all carbs are replaced with vegetables or quinoa. With your protein you might get zucchini pasta or a wasabi sweat potato mash. No matter how strict you want your diet to be it will still vary throughout the week and from one week to the other as well. When this comes to you every day at your doorstep and you’re sure of the taste and quality of every meal, there aren’t many excuses left to not go for it.

There are many reservations that most people have towards having meals like these, the notion that healthy and lean food can be tasty has not set in yet. But if you’ve been planning on making a healthy change, don’t hold back and let Yoga Café be your medium to better health and lifestyle. They deliver in a 7 KM radius, out of which you have to pay delivery charges. You can also make monthly subscriptions for hassle free daily delivery. To get your dinner in place as well, you have to order before 3:30 PM and your meal gets delivered around 7:30 PM. So whether you’re into yoga or not, you can surely be into yoga café.

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