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Why would anyone go to a lake when there’s no water in it? That’s probably what you’ll think when you realize that this particular lake in Faridabad is completely dry. We’re talking about Badkhal lake at Badkhal village near Faridabad. And the reason why you’d like to visit it is precisely because it’s dried up. There’s hardly anyone here except for a few locals. That is also a reason why you should carry enough water and food for the trip.

A half an hour drive from Delhi and you’re here. You can take the Mathura road going to Faridabad but should ideally take the Surajkund road from Tughlakabad because it goes meandering around a remote area, around Asola and is a pleasant drive.


However you arrive here get ready to be welcomed by absolutely nothing. Apart from a few kids playing cricket at the lake basin and one restaurant tucked in a corner there isn’t anything else at all. It is a bit rough so it would be better if you’re wearing more outdoorsy clothes and good shoes. Plan your trip so that you’re there well before the sunset as that is one of the primary reasons to get here and once it gets dark there isn’t much you can do.


First thing you’ll see when you climb up the stairs to the lake are some camels and horses. These are of course to be taken for a ride, or not whatever is your taste. You can see the whole empty bed of the lake which is now full of shrubs and bushes indicating that there’s been no water here for a while now. But don’t let this dampen your spirit (with no water there’s little chance.)

Be bold and walk down into the bed, you’ll see rocky hillocks marking the boundary of the lake. This is where you can have some fun. Climbing the rocks is difficult but a challenge that should be accepted. For after struggling to get up on top will allow you to relax and enjoy the silent, serene nature. There are villagers that move up and down the trail below but are not bothered or bother you. In any case while the sun sets in front of you, you won’t be looking at anything else and give yourself a pat on the back for making the effort of actually getting here.


Nearest Metro Station: Badarpur

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