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Some of us aren’t born with physical features that are built to endure attack or defend. And we are also the ones who get intimidated when we hear about martial arts. “They’re not for me”, “No way am I going to be able to do that” is the first thing anyone says when someone talks about martial arts. But in reality this is not the case. Your body is meant to adapt to what it is doing repeatedly and only becomes better at it over time. This is what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about. It helps those who are not built big to defend themselves equally.

Where can you learn this you might think? Think Warrior’s Cove in Gurgaon. A mixed martial arts academy is making its presence felt here in India, as one of the first MMA centers in India. Apart from Jiu Jitsu, Warriors Cove also brings to the table some fabulous and bone crushing arts like Muay Thai, wrestling and general strength and conditioning. The Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai obviously taking center stage.

23 year-old Jahangri Raza, founder and one of the instructors at Warrior’s Cove talks about its need and essence and we realize that most have a habit of getting into confrontations here in Delhi and evidently so the meeker you look the more you invite trouble. But this can easily be countered by defenses that any kind of body can pull of by simple weight shifts. “We don’t tell you or train you to become big and strong but use basic physics and use the leverage system to bring and assailant to their knees”, says Raza.

Muay Thai involves balance and flexibility to deliver sharp and powerful punches at the right time and right place to shake the opponent, you have to be fast and precise for this and most Muay Thai champions are light weight. The training makes you agile and understand the way your body moves when you move a limb. While on the other hand Jiu Jitsu is about body locks, twists and weight shifting. It is all about one big blow that ends in your victory. Jiu Jitsu involves a lot of patience while in combat and the training makes you build a lot of endurance and core muscle.

This is a sure shot way of not going to a gym, learning something new and also transforming your body into its fittest form without really aiming towards it. When you practice the basic moves of these martial arts, you start slow and progress in your ability to master it. In due course you start doing more advanced moves and also more intensive training which eventually makes your body tone up, build the minimal required muscle and stamina. If someone asks you how you got it, you can just tell them that you’ve been preparing for the worst. Or better yet get that friend over as well and beat the shit out of them.

If you’re wondering whether or not this stuff is for you then fret not, over the past four years of it’s existence, Warrior’s Cove has garnered a huge following involving fighters, trainers and the next door boy and girl as well. They focus on women’s self-defense and also give free coaching on these techniques. If you’re still confused you can get a free three day trial class at Warrior’s Cove and know for yourself.

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