Be A Foot Above The Rest – Where to Score Spunky Cheap Socks

Casual or dressy. Black or white. And, if you were a little more adventurous, you’d definitely own a pair of grey. But, gone are the days when socks were used just to keep your feet warm. Now, they’re a style statement. From grumpy cat to bacon and eggs, whimsical socks are the new canvas to express your individuality.

For all you sock enthusiasts, here is a consolidated list of places to buy you’re kitschy pairs from. Just be careful not to lose them in the dryer.



Happiness. What a wonderful way to describe a pair of socks. That’s the motto behind this Swedish company that caters to men, women, and even kids. From subtle graphics to quirky designs, you can pair these with any ensemble.

Bonus: check out their underwear section for whacky knickers for those Monday blues.

Where: Shop online here.  To find a retailer, click here. 

Price: INR 299 and upwards.

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Some heroes don’t wear capes; they make socks instead. Based out of New York, this company focuses on superhero, zombies and of course, Doctor who themed socks. Perfect to channel you inner geek.

Apart from socks, they also house food leggings, hand-knitted hats, scarves, and even Captain America’s shield inspired pillows.

And, fyi. All the items on the catalogue can be customized. So, go on fight the good fight.

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 1600 and upwards.

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the glu affair_burgersox

A fairly new establishment, they’re an art based fashion brand that promotes different artists from across India.

Their cute French-fries designed socks and block coloured socks are a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your everyday clothes.

Where: Shop on Amazon here. 

Price: INR 199 and upwards.

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 the moja club_yellowgraphic

For those who don’t see socks as a mere accessory, for those who are truly committed to owning a good pair of socks, this is the end of the rainbow. All you have to do is choose your plan (three months, six months or yearly) fill in the necessary details and bada-bing-bada-boom! A leprechaun will hand deliver a new pair of socks, every month!

Where: Shop online  here. 

Price: INR 399 per month

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forever 21

The reliable go-to place for all your hipster needs. If you’re looking for pocket-friendly yet designs that are on fleek. This is the place to go. They house a variety of choices, from minion ankle socks to cupcake designs. They have everything you’re imagination could hope to find.

Where: To find your nearest store, click here. Or shop online here.

Price: INR 200 and upwards.

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asos_ star wars

Star Wars Aztec printed socks. Enough said. For all your whimsical sock needs, Asos for the win. Unlike the rest, they don’t really do subtle designs. So, if you like to flaunt them funky styles head over to their website. You can’t really go wrong with Mickey Mouse socks, can you?

Where: Shop online here. 

Price: INR 299 and above.

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