Best Radio Jockeys To Listen To Get Your Daily Dose Of Entertainment

Radio Jockeys have been the live entertainment that all of us have tuned in to at one point to get away from the frustration of road jams and boring conversations in a car or when we want to just relax. From funny quirky pranks they play on people to the way the amusing take they have about silly conundrums of life to the ones who make you emotional with just their voice, Radio Jockeys know how to connect with everyone’s heart. If you have not yet been bit by the Radio bug, we have a list of the best RJs you should give a listen to these following personalities and you will definitely thank us every time.

  1. RJ Naved on Mirchi :

The brilliant idea of Mirchi Murga which was formed ages ago is still a hit with the audience and it is all due to the ever-fun personality of Naved. Every evening he pranks an unsuspecting listener and while most of the times it is funny, other times it also involves a social message in a very sublime way. His local Delhi dialect which effortlessly connects him with the listeners and simple clean jokes make him a favourite of every generation.

Catch the show : 5-9 p.m. on weekdays, Radio Mirchi 98.3FM


  1. RJ Siddhartha Kannan

A Voice over artist by profession and celebrity host at other times, Siddhartha Kanan landed into the radio field at the tender age of 14. Since then, some of the best new-age celebrity interviews are delivered by the man on Radio. He is also a film critic and his funny take on every little sequence of a film makes him beloved to audience and celebrities alike.

Catch the show : 2-5 p.m. on weekdays, Oye 104.8 FM

siddhartha kanna

  1. RJ Raunac

The irritating character of Baua on radio is played by a more toned down and simple man, Raunac. The on-air celebrity has been able to make everyone laugh with his silly antics of calling up victims as an innocent child who is not able to grasp some basic elements of life. His best feature is the unabashed way in which he presents the morning show with a band and a song discussing the latest news in an engaging and entertaining way. Mornings are definitely booked for Baua by most Delhi people driving down to work.

Catch the show : 6-11 a.m. on weekdays on Red FM


  1. RJ Sayema

One of the most magical voices to rule the night-time band of radio is the soft, suave and nostalgic voice of RJ Saima. Her show is all about the 60s , 70s and 80s music and she often hosts competitions between the listeners following different iconic musical legends. Fun, entertaining, and sophisticated, there is no surprise Sayema has been ruling the charts with her charming voice for 12 years now.

Catch the show : 9-12 p.m. on weekdays, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

rj sayema

  1. Rj Neelesh Mishra

Storytelling on Radio came of age with RJ Neelesh Misra hosting Yaadon Ka Idiot Box in his calm, demure voice. The stories have a mass appeal as they revolve around a fictional “Yaad” city and its various characters. The show has the feel of a lullaby to it which can ease off all the work load and tension from anyone’s mind as they get lost in the voice of Misra. One of the most circulated over the country, the retro songs that play are just an added bonus to the already established beauty of the show.

Catch the show : 9-12 p.m. on weekdays on Big FM 92.7 FM


  1. RJ Nitin

The original fun-factor of radio, RJ Nitin has maintained that bubbly character about himself on air for many years now. His funny prank calls and chirpy jokes make him a sweetheart of every listener. There is not one dull moment on the show and his effervescent personality can end even the most serious days of a listener in peals of laughter.

Catch the show : 5-9 pm on weekdays, Fever104 FM


  1. RJ Sarthak

The daddy of all things rock on-air, Sarthak has been the person who introduced Delhi listeners to some fairly experimental yet brilliant English music apart from his usual Radiohead and Pearl Jam. The way he introduced his songs with a flourish after rapping his links in a funny yet debonair way as the next ACDC songs came up was true poetry. Also a great speaker, Sarthak has been known to work around to get the best of on-air fun and music for his listeners during the morning hours to make their day.

Catch the show : previously on Hit 95 FM, now Sarthak can be caught on Radio One on Sunday evenings.


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