Bing bing bing! Ssongchee

There are strange things to find in Delhi and specially when you go into strange places like the Khasras of Saidul-ajab. The name itself has “ajab” in it so it’s kind of a coincidence. And one such ajab and unexplored place is Ssongchee, the Korean Bingsu (bings) café. A quirky little place right opposite Rose café and a little ahead of the Blue Tokai lane. When we say quirky we mean quirky by Korean standards as well. The specialty of the place is another mystery all together but we’ll come to that in a bit.


Entering the place you’ll find K-pop band posters on a wall. And the door welcoming you in by saying “Come on” which our guess is “come on in” lost in translation. There are some futuristic, white molded plastic chairs and just about 4 tables in the whole café. A large menu over the counter. Everything has a description with it as most things Koreans are not easy to understand. There are neat infographic-esque graffiti on the walls and very contemporary music playing. You’ll find 2 odd people sitting and chatting away waiting for their bings to come.


Bings are a curious sweet dish, found in Korea but obviously making its way to other faraway lands. Originating some 700 years back, Bings were made using fresh snow along with sweet fruit syrups, fresh fruits and sweetened azuki beans. They were so enjoyed by the Royal families that special underground igloo-like structures were built to keep the snow preserved till the summer. At this time only they could enjoy the frozen dessert. And now you get it all year round right here in Saket. Not just that, now you get them in all modern flavours like coffee, choco-oreo, green tea. For some reason they are also categorized in colour.


Each bowl of Bing is laced with condensed milk, rice cakes, chewy jelly, crispy flakes. So think about your favourite Sunday but put so much fun it in that it becomes Korean. You could have 2 bowls of these and yet not feel full and sleepy, that’s because they use ice-shavings rather than ice-cream. But this isn’t all that you get here. The guys at Ssongchee also do some ten kinds of Ramen (or Ramyun), with or without meat. The basic one being Shin which is the most popular brand of Ramen in east Asia. They are light and fresh, you can also get fusion ramen with rice cakes which are flavoured like a risotto. Yes risotto-ramen might sound really weird but it’s just that weirdly awesome.


They have sandwiches, Kimbaps (Korean sushi) but their selection of Dutch coffee(cold brew) is one of the best. You get straight up espresso, and then can add all kinds of flavours to it like caramel, hazelnut etc. You get these with and without milk. And these are a must have. You can chill with a large coffee and a book and be sure that no one’s going to come and disturb you. At the same time if you want something fruity go for their smoothies that are without yogurt but at just Rs 25 more you can make it a yogurt smoothie. For one place this is a lot of good stuff happening and yet a lot less people going there. So make yourself one of those people and check it out. Bing bing bings!!

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 Where: 315/274, Ground Floor, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Saket, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Saket

Price for two: INR 500

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