Bored? Board Games!

Board games are a confusing entity in our lives. There was a time as kids when we would love playing them with the family and friends. Then they became boring and outdoors or video games became the thing to do. Somehow they find their way back in your life sometime in the 20s or later. The games change and so does your ability to master them. From having completely serious game sessions to some totally drunk scenes where no one follows the rules. Delhi has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep your board game game strong. The first being Games on Wheel.

Nobody likes to play the age old boring indoor games anymore. The sound of playing antakshri with your friends now sounds like such a bad idea that you’d rather go out. Taboo, life and Scotland Yard came about and have stayed for a while but even they become boring after a while. The worst part is that after playing these games long enough you just know what the card is and thus the answer. So how do we keep doing the game nights that we so love but don’t have the right games? We call Games on Wheel.

Games on Wheel takes care of your board game needs by renting out a ton of games to you for cheap. A good international game would cost anywhere from Rs 1000 to 5000 if you go on to buy one. With no clue how often you’ll play it or if all your friends will like it that would be a huge amount to invest in a game. And Games on Wheel stocks tons of them and comes to your home on call to deliver and pick up the games you want to rent. The rent cost? Just about Rs 200 to Rs 300 for two days, depending on the game and around Rs 700 if you rent for a week.

The games they have include Forbidden Island, Flux Cards, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Settlers of Catan and many more. These allow you to switch up the mood of every game night and makes the whole experience full of surprises and fun.

The other thing about Delhi and board games is that there is a group of board gamers who have formed a community and meet and play games with each other. Yes passionate board gamers, this is for you. And also for you the not so clued in novice player. They go by the name Board Gamers of Delhi and they allow anyone who has some love for board games to join. Say bye bye to your age old board games like Scrabble, Ludo and Saamp Seedi and take the reins of bigger boards like Settlers of Catan, Cyclades etc.

They tell you the rules of each game before you play and most games can be played by anyone. But as there are multiple games being played at the same time you can choose which one you like more and play away. They have over 70 titles under their belt and thus no matter who you are, doctor, engineer, student, giraffe you are welcome to play. Check out their facebook group to find out where and when they are meeting next and well… get your game face on.

Click for Games on Wheel and Board Gamers of Delhi .

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