Cafe Delhi Heights – For Your Big Fat Indian Family

A festive-modernised-desi gharana; with a colossal open kitchen, rustic furniture in muted as well as vibrant pastels, seamless artwork, televisions imparting a background score to conversations, board games, music, desserts and big portions of all kinds of food — a truly great take on how we Indians roll! Cafe Delhi Heights is spreading its roots across Delhi and with the most recent addition at Sangam courtyard, RK puram.

The interiors are a unique and whimsical fusion of industrial and rustic style of decor. With live mellow music playing in the backdrop, this spacious cafe is elegantly drawn into clever segments: the bar counter, the canopy sofas with a TV playing TLC on a loop, a set of mismatched chairs arranged around a table with board games like Monopoly (called the ‘Delhipolly’) and Snakes & Ladders artistically painted over them, two discrete areas to accommodate gatherings of 10-15 people and a private open area adorned with casket walls and garden benches. A gigantic neon orange pipe ran through the ceiling along with the soothing yellow pendant lights as we set our eyes on the wall above the bar counter stacked with wine cellars. The langdi — Indian street game — painted on the old-school floor and the mural of a burger on the wall by Manvee Singh imparts the space a fun ambience that evokes a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Their love and pride in their food comes across through the dessert counter set up at the entrance.

As we made ourselves comfortable in the canopy set up, our eyes met the board hung on the wall that highlighted the count of the number of Juicy Lucy’s sold out — 1,34,646. This was reason enough for us to order one for ourselves. The Juicy Lucy burger could easily qualify as half a pound of cake owing to its mein. Crispy lamb cheese-filled patty, butter, cheddar cheese, red onions, cucumber and tomatoes — this was definitely a concoction that you’d feel awed by. Our Moscow hot chocolate was an impeccable fusion of the sweetness of chocolate and the richness of vanilla and amaretto liqueur — Their freshly squeezed juices, one a tropical mix of watermelon + celery + pomegranate and the other called sunshine citrus was apple + pineapple + lemon which were served to us in pretty mason jars were tart and refreshing.

Next up was the Grilled Sole Fillet Steak with Lemon and Butter. This offered a beautifully pan seared fillet with a base of mashed potatoes and gloriously seasoned vegetables on the side. The Galouti Kebabs had a wonderful melt-in-the-moth texture and were served with sirka onions and green chilly chutney on the side. The Panzella was simply gorgeous. This warm salad of shredded Italian focaccia along with green and yellow zucchini, parmesan cheese, broccoli, baby corn and beans made for a light and flavoursome eat. The Rajasthani Laal Maas was presented beautifully as a platter complete with desi ghee, jeera and dhania chhach and bajra roti. The chhach was extraordinary.

The experience was not only fulfilling but also distinct in a way; stirring a feeling of belongingness. The openness of the space, the flavours and the happiness reflected through the faces of the servers just made everything so much better. I’d say, give this is a shot and take your big fat Indian family along. They’d love it for sure.

Café Delhi Heights

Shop 1-2, Ground Floor, Sangam Courtyard, R K Puram, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Price for two: Rs 1,700 (approx.)




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