Cafés for Early Birds

Are you a lark in a city of owls? Do you rise while the city is still in slumber? Then you ought to hear the birds chirp and rain drip over unfamiliar windows. It’s time for you to leave familiar cups and reward yourself with a coffee that’s brewed and stenciled with love and prowess.

Would you like some aromatic tea with your favorite book, a fresh-pressed juice after your morning jog, an early breakfast after a late night party or simply a quiet place to unwind before work accelerates? To declutter your head and hear your voice above the humdrum of life, go to places with tactile inspiration. Here your stomach would smile, laptop will glisten and work would appear less daunting.

We have prepared a list of beautiful cafes that will provide respite at the crack of dawn.

AMA Café

Majnu Ka Tila                        Opens: 7 am

The old Tibetan refugee camp is a maze of alleys with serendipitous nooks. Cobbled paths lined with Tibetan prayer flags lead you to small picturesque cafes, AMA Café being one such quaint place for people who seek refuge from the ever-increasing clamor of the city. The café serves a delicious blend of Indo-Tibetan food that is very light on the pocket.  Aside from coffee, cereal, pancakes, eggs, smoothies and fresh fruits, AMA offers Tibetan cheesecake and the unique Bhod Ja, the Tibetan butter salt tea. 

 The All American Diner

Indian Habitat Centre             Opens: 7 am

Queues outside this place speak for themselves. If you crave an American spread for breakfast, find a spot on the long red leather couches at this quintessential American diner. Order the pancakes/waffles combos or better still, dig into their famed breakfast buffet.

Café Lota

Pragati Maidan                      Opens: 8 am

If you consider food a form of art, this is the place for you. The sun-dappled courtyard of National Crafts Museum holds a canteen-turned restaurant.  Their menu is as authentic as it is specific, a combination of dishes from all around the country.  Try the ragi pancakes, beetroot chops, konkan fish curry, kathal biryani and bapa dhoi cheesecake for a wholesome experience.


SDA              Open: 8 am

If you’re the knit and cozy variety who love their cup of tea, then chayoos with its Kulhad chai, sulemani Nimbu chai, pahadi chai and a mystic variant called the God’s Chai is the ideal place for you to curl in a fetal position for indefinite periods.

The Coffee Shop

Saket       Opens: 8am

When at the coffee shop, dive into their TCS Himalayan breakfast, a platter of Tibetan bread, spiced potato, Gorkha pickle, sausages and masala omlette. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, they’ve got a variety of American and English breakfast options to choose from. Also, most breakfast platters here come with complimentary coffee!


GK 1                 Opens: 8 am

Health food is the new dominant trend on the epicurean runway. If you want wholesome meals with a friendly calorie count, get your fix of fresh pressed juices, cinnamon infused awesome-mausam coffee and sweet corn and Quinoa burger with air fried chips, among other appetizing dishes.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Saket                   Opens: 9 am

There is no place like Blue Tokai for your daily caffeine fix. This café cum roastery serves more than the run-of-the-mill espressos and cappuccinos, its Cortado, sea salt mocha, aeropress and nitro coffee are reminiscent of India’s unique Monsooned Malabar coffee.  The baristas here are not only trained to stencil your coffee with patterns that intrigue, but they are all closet aficionados who love to engage in conversations surrounding coffee.

Carnatic Café

New Friends Colony    Opens: 9 am

Filter coffee with a deluge of moreish dosas, need we say more? Unpretentious and no-fuss, Carnatic Café has been consistently serving vegetarian Carnatic food. Their selection of dosas will put the usual Delhi order- masala dosa to shame. Must try their signature- Malleshwaram 18th Cross Dosa (better suited for a brunch than breakfast). End the meal with a piping hot tumbler of filter kaapi and kesari baath.

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Vasant Vihar        Opens: 9 am

This café with its minimal wooden furniture and pleasant green alcoves combines the best flavors and ingredients of the season to offer small savory dishes with your coffee or wine. Their coffee sangria and salmon with avocado power bowl are a must try. Also, did we mention that their tea and coffee comes with complimentary teacakes?


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