Can I get a rAMEN!

Ramen is a Japanese soup dish that has wheat noodles and a whole lot of different seasoning plus meat. Chashu- pork, Negi- green onions, Nori- seaweed. And this whole thing is doused in miso or soy sauce. Ramen varies all across Japan from Tonkotsu(pork bone broth) to Miso. Most importantly it is the broth that makes the Ramen and then the ingredients that you add to it. Restaurants in and around Delhi have picked up on the art or making Ramen and usually stick to a certain kind of broth. We’ve listed down our favourite ramen joints. Check it out.

  1. Fatty Bao They offer a fantastic chashu ramen. Chashu is basically pork belly cooked with garlic, shoyu, sake and ginger. The broth is heavy and full of umami. They give it with a marinated soft boiled egg, sweet corn, bacon, green onions and bean sprouts. This is so fulfilling that you’d be content with just half a bowl but of course will go on to finish the whole thing. Get to Fatty Bao and skip that char sui bao and go for the Ramen next time. You will thank us.
  2. Fuji Japanese Restaurant– Fuji is an age old Japanese restaurant that has got everything authentic going for it since donkey’s years. Most of the ingredients used are imported because to get that taste and authenticity you can’t do with substitutes or low quality rip-off ingredients. They serve, teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, deep fried, tempura and of course Ramen. Four kinds of ramen, tonkotsu, chashu, miso and shoyu. We’d recommend the miso and tonkotsu variations. These flavours are hard to come by and should not be missed. Each style can then be had with your choice of meat or veggies. We recommend the Butakakuni miso.
  3. Tamura– Tamura is known for it’s Japanese food. Sometimes we hear people say that it is too authentic to be good, but we don’t think there’s anything known as too authentic. Tamura’s legacy lies in the more popular and traditional Japanese food and they don’t care much to explain exactly what you’ll be having. But whatever you order will be great, just like their Ramen. Their miso ramen is to die for. Extremely flavourful broth is loaded with garlic, seaweed, sesame seeds and pork. It is surely love at first bite. There are rare times when you see someone trying to get the last bit of broth out of a bowl, in tamura it is common.
  4. Guppy by ai– Guppy serves delicious sushi and we all know that. But did you know that their ramen game is as hot? Yup it is. They do their ramen their own way with house made egg noodles that are cooked in alkaline water giving them a nice yellow colour and texture. Your chashu is cooked in either Shoyo (chicken and soy sauce stock) or miso stock. We’d say get both the ramens here so again going in a large group will be good, also you can have tons of sushi as well.
  5. Kyoto Kyoto is a Japanese place that has opened up on the Delhi-Jaipur highway because of the 3500 odd Japanese people who are working in big Japanese firms within the Rajasthan border. It caters to just the Japs and thus it is a sure shot winner. Their pork bone-marrow soup or tonkotsu is thick with umami and other flavours. They throw in a good amount of sliced roast pork, miso, seaweed, onions and sprouts. If you think you’re never going to drive out till there then fret not, they also have an outlet in sector- 15 Gurgaon.

Bonus- KuraakuNeemrana is known for all things Rajasthan to the corporate Delhi soul. But there’s a world class Japanese restaurant here called Kuraaku and it gives you a world class tonkotsu ramen. Broth that is boiled for 24 hours and then put together using all imported meats, fish sauce and veggies. This ramen is unlike any other because the broth is actually thick and milky due to the collagen from the bones. You don’t have to look at the menu for this and there is also a spicier version of the same. Slurp slurp.

But this isn’t all the ramen you can get. There are tons of other Ramen options as well. Try some at Bamboo Boat and Ssongchee Korean bings cafe. And keep the slurping going.

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