Car Groomers at your Doorstep: Automen

Are you a person who loves your ride like it was a pet — like it is an integral part of your family? Do you get your ride groomed several times in a year to keep it squeaky clean and spotless? Are you someone who gets restless without your ride in a couple of hoursThen we know someone who could become your best friend in the years to come.

Presenting to you — Automen, a doorstep car service that services your ride at your place, your time and your convenience. All in 90 minutes. Yes, you read it right — 90 minutes.


“The main intention behind starting Automen was our frustration with the current opaque system of car servicing which is quite unorganised. We were fed up with the inconvenience of going to the service station every 3-4 months, not knowing whether parts are actually changed and the hassle of waiting in queues. We thought we could find a better way to do this and that’s how the Automen was born — a convenient, hassle-free way of getting your car serviced with full assurance on parts and no hidden charges.” says Abhishek Malik, one of the three founders of this company, who all come from a consulting background.

They commercially began work in the December of 2015 but had been testing the idea since January, 2015. “We have a team of four people and a service van that goes to the customer’s house and services their car then and there. There is absolute transparency and one can see what they are paying for. There are questions and doubts one would have in regard to their ride. With large scale servicing centres, leave alone the questions, most of us don’t even know the person who is getting their hands on our precious cars. And so we got rid of the system of a workshop. We are a completely mobile servicing solution.” remarks Malik.

To get your car service all you have a do is book a PitStop on their website or their Facebook page or through their customer hotline number. Once basic details are provided, they send an estimated cost of service. And you just have to choose the day and the time that is convenient for you. If you’re leaving for a road trip or a holiday, they’ll come and service your car early that morning or an evening before.

Since the time they have began their operations, they have serviced over 400 cars across various brands from a Maruti 800 to a Jaguar. Their prices are surprisingly competitive. The luxury segment cars like the BMW’s and Audi’s, are atleast 30% cheaper than the authorized service stations. The convenience factor, complete hassle-free experience, 100% assurance and a competitive price — all at your doorstep — how can it get any better than this? #Swag

Turns out, it can. Their special steam machine washes the car in only 2 litres of water. They vacuum the interiors of your car and make it seem as good as new. It is a full comprehensive service in merely two hours. #Win

For more details check out their website here or Facebook page.

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