Carry Your Munchies along with Late Night Pack by Vans

We propose two things in life: Friends and Shoes. Friends to defend us and shoes to help us tread those million miles while we try to grasp the world around us. Friends to mend us when we are broken and shoes to constantly comfort us like a quilt on cold winter night. Friends to help us displace a dead body and shoes as a weapon ready to be flung. The kind of fondness that we have with shoes is synonymous to the once we have for our friends.

“There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes.” – Forrest Gump

A man wearing well-polished oxfords can be suggestive of his professional and pragmatic approach towards life. On the other hand, a man with scuffed shoes on can be suggestive of a being pervaded by a dreamy languor. Shoes, as mates, surely seem to define us a whole lot.

Working on that line of thought, what about people live to eat, fix a date with pizza on valentine’s day and aren’t afraid to show their extraordinary love for food? What about people whose life is encapsulated in this comic strip:

Late Night1Image via WarCircle

Well, we have news for you.

The “Late Night Pack” by Vans is here to deliver your favourite hot and ready, after-hours snacks on a “tasty” collection of footwear that some popular models from the likes of Authentic, Sk8-Hi and Slip-On and we are excited.

From real-prints of burgers, French fries, tacos to slices of pepperoni pizza—there is just about everything to stimulate your taste buds. If you’re the one with the glorious sweet tooth—rainbow printed macaroons, cute cupcakes and delicious sprinkle topped donuts, it definitely looks like a dream come true. The colours, contrasts, graphics and illustrations on these footwear pieces—which are available for men, women and kids—strike just the right balance. You can also pick up a backpack and a mesh back cap in these prints.

Late Night2

Late Night3

Late Night4

Available at the price of Rs 3,999 onwards, the Vans Late Night Pack can be availed at exclusive stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur & Chandigarh. Also, available at selected online retailers and

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