Clubbing Delhi Together.

A big cultural hub, the city with warm hearted people, dil walon ki Dilli, a place where you never run out of things to do. These are some of the things that people associate with Delhi and sure it has a ton on offer to keep you busy through the week and busier on the weekends. There are people who are into hobbies, some into theatre and drama while others into reading. Everyone knows what they want and they get it. But if you don’t know what you want and are looking to pick up an activity that makes you a part of a group and also helps you waste your time constructively then here’s a list of some active groups of Delhi that meet up and get things done. Or not.

Pedal Yatri

A facebook led group that is a collective that is all about cycling in Delhi. You need to find the right page for it though because there might be others with the same name. These guys love cycling and meet up weekly and sometimes have special events where they organize rides from point A to B. Every roamed around the city early in the morning on a Sunday and spotted a ton of cyclists riding along the road? Chances are it’s them.

The Bikerini

As the name suggests, this page is about women bike riders of the city. It is a forum that likes to push forward women empowerment by the medium of bikes. A predominantly male venture being accepted and taken charge of by women. It is the first all women  motorcycle association of the country. Their moto is “I like mud for make-up and petrol for perfume” and they believe in it. Every member of the group comes from a different background but the one thing that brings them together is their love for bikes. They promote women to go for rides and meet up with those who already are. They also hold a place in the Limca book of records for the largest all-women motorcycle expedition to Khardung-La.

3G- Global Girls Group

Is a group for all foreign women who are living in Delhi. Whether they are expatriates, or their wives, working, studying or settled here. They meet up monthly and have a meal, talk make friends and welcome new members to the country. It is a way to share experiences of India and know what is right and what is wrong, what stuff to buy and what not. They have a strict by invite only membership but it is free. Indian’s can also join, although you’ll have to know someone already in the group. The only expense that has to be borne by you is what you order to eat and drink.

Group of Delhi Superbikers

Another biker group but this one was started way back in 1998 by Dr. Arun Theraja when there were negligible superbikes & a non existent biking culture. This appealing name GODS, was thought on one of the routine Sunday rides with just 2 members and from then on the group has gone from strength to strength in terms of quality superbiking, the main thrust being on road safety. Their facebook page is now counting 88k likes and they have a large number of active members who still meet up on Sunday mornings and ride through the day. They have the best bikes in town and believe in their upkeep and there are some keen modifying enthusiasts as well. They have a strong sense of road safety and practice and profess it at all times.

Backpackers club of Delhi

A simple funda of backpacking, hiking and travelling to places near and far has brought together a bunch of Delhites. They get people to form groups and go for backpacking trips in and outside India. Whether it is trekking, camping, road trips or bike trips. They do not charge any fee for this, only the cost of the trip has to be borne by you. Their meets happen off and on and you can meet people and plan your next trip with them in person or just follow their website where people post their travel plans and others can join in. It’s well organized and only serious travellers participate. Whom you team up is all up to you.

Backpackers club of Delhi

Delhi, IN
6,907 backpackers

The idea behind starting Backpackers Club of Delhi is to have an active hiking and backpacking group out of the Delhi and NCR region. We will hike and organize many other outd…

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Couchsurfing monthly meetup

This is the official  member’s meetup. Hosts and guests meet on every 3rd Thursday of the month at different locations in Delhi, usually Cafe Out of the Box in HKV. Their agenda is just to make friends, mix around, eat, drink and encourage people into couchsurfing. It isn’t about finding someone to sleep with and they state it out bluntly on the event page. At least that shouldn’t be your sole agenda to attend the meet. They do not charge anything for you to come for the meet, you pay for what you eat and drink only. The meetups usually end up in dancing late into the night.

Globe Trotting Girls India

This group is another travel junkie group but exclusively for women. As women face a lot of trouble travelling and are hesitant to do so because of safety and security issues, this group helps out with a ton of knowledge and information from other women who like to travel. You can join and ask away all your doubts and queries. You can also plan a trip and ask for suggestions and find fellow travellers to complete your group and not end up going alone or not at all.

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