Comic Digests and Guilt Free Indulgence at Getafix

GK-1, M block market is known for its upmarket bars, restaurants and bustling shops. And for long have we all been here, every once in a while to check out a new joint or to fulfill our shopping needs. But the thought of there being a cute and cozy place full of comics and the healthiest options of your favourite food is just baffling. Yet true, we are talking about Getafix, the café that swears by the idea of ‘Guilt free indulgence’ and to make it happen are a brother-sister entrepreneur duo Dhruv and Anandita Chawla. Warm, yellow/blue walls welcome you to a quant looking place with specials menu written in chalk on black boards. The music that plays is like your old ipod on shuffle. There are comics on each table and in bookshelves around making you feel at home as you enter.

getafix 2

The name is the obvious reference to the druid in Asterix comics who brewed potions and cured everyone. This also clearly suggests that the food they serve is not just to fill up your belly or satiate your taste buds (which it does undeniably) but is also good for your body. Their breads are whole grain, light and fresh and everything, right from the pasta to the pizza bases are made in-house for that extra fresh and homely feeling. You’ll find surprises like Ragi Rolls, and Quinoa and Sweet Potato Burger. They have a fair share of the hefty yet healthy options as well; the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Fish burgers here are not to be missed. Their fish and chips take things up a notch, the catch is that the fish is air fried keeping the fish tender from the inside and crunchy on the outside. The crust is crisp with a modest panko coating. House fries that accompany the fish are also air fried and that makes all the difference. If you’ve had any inhibitions regarding air-fried food or never had the chance to try it out then this is a great way to start. Remember the portions are generous and order accordingly.

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The Berranana is a great smoothie to go for, with vitamin rich berries and fulfilling banana, it is not a meal but makes up for a lot of taste and satisfaction. Do try the Steamed sweet corn with lemon and spices as well as Bbq chicken wings with peri peri dip for starters. The Morning Kicker is another signature smoothie. It has a unique mix of coffee for the kick and banana for soothing all bound up with yogurt. Sounds weird but trust us, it is the most wonderful thing to have in the morning, as the name suggests. And that’s another thing good about Getafix, it opens up at 8:30 AM.

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Make your way here any time of the week and be sure to try out as many options over the course of your visits, they have new things to offer and taste and each has unique flavours and ingredients that won’t let you fix a favourite .Keep on chowing down but only the good stuff.

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Where: M 15, First Floor, GK 1, New Delhi

Cost for two: Rs 1000

Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony





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