On a Costume Jewellery Trail

Delhi is known for its unique style and fashion sense and the biggest factor that contributes to the uniqueness is the price. There is something that fits into everyone’s pockets. And when it comes to women, the one thing that they all love Delhi for is the junk jewellery or costume jewellery found all over the city at dirt cheap prices. From parties, to daily wear, they not only make one look good, they can be mixed and matched with any attire to give it the required oomph. Infact, owing to how much they add to a girl’s wardrobe, Delhi has arrays of bazaars dedicated only to costume jewellery. Here are the top 5 jewellery bazaars which any girl should visit to add the perfect piece of bauble to her kitty.

  1. Sadar Bazaar : This market is enormous by the sheer size of it and the quantity and variety of things available here is equally extravagant. This is the place where most wholesale jewelry can be found at dirt cheap prices. Their imitation jewlery is considered as one of the best quality and the prices are also very reasonable.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

Remains closed on Sunday.

sadar bazaar

2 Paharganj : This market has been in place since the time of Mughals Also known as Shahganj, this place is a paradise for people from as well as outside the city because it fits into every budget. The main speciality of the place is the wide range of handmade jewelry like beaded necklaces, bangles, and similar trinkets at very cheap prices.

Nearest Metro Station: RK Ashram

Remains closed on Sunday.

pahar ganj

  1. Chandni Chowk : This is another very old market with the maximum footfall too. Chandni Chowk is touted as one of the biggest markets for whole sale, jewelry being one of the many. From metal jewelry to antique looking jewelry the finds here are excellent for anyone who is looking. The only side effect is that one might come back with a whole lot of jewellery than planned but the prices will surely be to blame for that.

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

Remains closed on Sunday.

chandni chowk

  1. Sarojini Nagar : Delhi’s favourite market offers great deals on costume jewellery. Look for jewellery that is trending the runways at prices that will make your eyes grow wide with disbelief. One can also spot banjaras selling oxidizsed metal jewellery. Remember to bargain to get maximum value.

Nearest Metro Station: INA

Remains closed on Monday.

sarojini nagar

  1. Janpath : For all North Campus girls, Janpath is the go to place for any kind of shopping, be it clothes or jewellery. Popular with college students for a great variety at throwaway prices, one can find many kinds of jewellery- costume, junk, distressed. You can also get bejewelled belts and kamabands. . Do not forget to bargain.

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

Remains closed on Sunday.


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