Coworking Spaces in Delhi — Part 1

Freelancing or working from home can get tough. Losing a routine and falling into the cumbersome trap of procrastination and feeling an incessant need of taking a nap is unbelievably easy. Sometimes all one needs is a space to get ready for and go to in the morning and get their work done.

Coworking spaces not only allows small teams and freelancers to work together in an office environments but also, opens doors to collaborations and meet professionals belonging to the realm of law, design, finance, development, marketing, journalism, and others. These spaces have seen a dramatic growth in the past few years and are popular among this ‘startup generation’ owing to the myriads of useful resources that these places offer.

We have gathered a list of amazing coworking spaces across NCR that you ought to check out for their brilliant interiors and resourcefulness. We hope you can locate one near your place.

  1. Social


Social is the hub of creatives and it’s three outlets across the city makes it super accessible. It has plenty of open space and natural light to help you think better and allows a free flow of thoughts. Their food is great and just in case you’re looking forward to refuel yourself, you’ll have enough variety to choose from. The smart thing, though, would be to apply for a membership that is entirely redeemable on food and drinks. Networking ✓. Food and Drinks ✓. Work ✓. Entertainment ✓. A fun day at work everyday ✓. There isn’t much left to speak, is there?

For more information, check out their Website

Location: Hauz Khas Village, 28A Defence Colony Market, 23 Odeon Building Connaught Place

Nearest Metro Station: Green park, Lajpat nagar, Rajeev chowk

Membership: Rs. 5000 per month (The entire amount is redeemable on food and drinks when you’re at work.)

Contact: +91 78386 52814 {HKV}, +91 7838520799 {Defence Colony} and +91 7838090132 {Odeon}

  1. Greenr


If you’re a vegan, a vegetarian or a coffee lover apart from being a freelancer or a startup, Greenr is the space for you. Tucked away in the lanes of Shahpur Jat, this space has a kind of a vibe you can’t help but fall in love with. They have an endless supply of delicious food and coffee. The space is divided in a way that people get enough ‘my space’ and feel the part of the whole picture at the same time. They don’t endorse themselves as a coworking space yet, but they love to have people over. For more information, check out their Facebook page or better – pay a visit.

Location: First Floor, 416, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park/ Hauz Khas

  1. Innov8


Born out of the ‘Make in India’ thought process, Innov8 is fairly new in this business and is already grabbing a lot of eyeballs. They go by the belief of collaborating ideas and claim that they are “here to disrupt the Indian Startup Culture.” The space is beautifully designed and is nothing less than what you’d always wished your office to look like. Ran by a group of talented individuals, Innov8 is a place where like minded and passionate thinkers collaborate for pursuing & working on ideas. For more information, check out their Website and Facebook page.

Location: 69 Regal Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Rajeev Chowk

Membership: Price ranges between INR 600 per day to INR 30,000 per month depending on your requirement.

Contact: 097116 31856

Write to them at

  1. ChAayos


They don’t sell themselves as a coworking space but if your idea of working is coupled with a nice cup of tea, a bustling neighbourhood and a quaint little space, Chaayos is your space. With over 10 outlets across NCR, it won’t be difficult to spot one in your own area. The chill atmosphere and the non-interfering staff gives you enough space to indulge in your own business and feel at peace. For more information, check out their Website.

Location: Find their complete list of outlets here.

Contact: 011-32551234

  1. Switch


This space functions on the principle of rise-create-unwind. It is a combination of a café, workplace & office and a bar. Their mornings — that start at 7 am — are spotted with a lovely breakfast followed by subtle shift to a productive thinkspace where people can collaborate, work and unwind later in the evenings which are studded with special events and performances. Located in the hustling-bustling tiny party town called Hauz Khas Village, this space will never let you feel “all by yourself” yet have the peace of getting work done at the same time. Check out their Facebook page for more information and regular updates.

Location: 31, Ist Floor, Hauz Khas Village

Nearest Metro Station: Green park/ Hauz Khas

Membership: Starting Price is INR 900

Contact: +919599984221/2/3/4/5

Write to them at

  1. Cowork delhi

cowork delhi

Spaces like these make you feel like working and that in itself is a great attribute. The roomy interior is great for freelancers and startup junkies because it is quiet yet open for plenty of free-thinking. Their physical layout and interiors packed with natural elements like wood, plants and lot of natural light makes it a friendly spot to drop-in and build anything one would want to. They also organise networking events, marketing support and expert mentorship. This place is suitable for startups who would rather focus on their business rather than haggle with landlords. For more information, check out their Website and Facebook page.

Location: 101, Pratap Nagar, Mayur Vihar Phase 1

Nearest Metro Station: Mayur Vihar-I

Membership: INR 5,999 for a monthly plan, INR 4,999 per month for part time plan, INR 1,500 for conference room access for 4 hours, and INR 499 for a day pass

Contact: +917838864145

Write to them at

  1. Un-boxed


This dynamically designed space aims at bringing like-minded creatives under one roof and create an ecosystem with an constant exchange of ideas and thoughts. Freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs — all are part of the unboxed coworking community. They have facilities which include functional spaces, recreational spaces, resources and resources advisors. For more information, check out their Website and their Facebook page.

Location: C-15, Sector 65, Noida

Nearest Metro Station: Noida city centre

Membership: INR 5,999 per month for full time, INR 3,999 per month for part time, INR 4,999 per month for teams (+5), and INR 500 for a day pass

Contact: +919911004414

Write to them at

  1. The studio


“Working alone sucks!” — well, we couldn’t agree more. The Studio is a very chilled out space harbouring freelancers, startups, designers, and other professionals within the business. Their interiors are colourful and fun exuding the vibe of enthusiasm and motivation — just about what we’d need to get started. For more information, check out their Website and Facebook page.

Location: 45 Udyog VIhar Phase IV, Gurgaon

Nearest Metro Station: MG Road Metro Station

Membership: INR 6,999 per month, INR 2,999 for 10 days, and INR 99 for a day pass

Contact: +919818306050

  1. A Little Anarky

You’ll find ‘A Little Anarky’ amidst the hustle bustle of Hauz Khas Village packed with a lovely workspace comprising of everything from open-end seating arrangement to a food haven, a conference room, a huge terrace space and a projection setup. They also organise workshops and events on a fairly regular basis and create an atmosphere that screams creativity.

Location: T- 74, Fourth Floor, Hauz Khas Village, Near Daryacha Building

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khan/ Green park

Membership: INR 7,000 per month

Write to them at

  1. Delhi co.

Delhi co

They call themselves Delhi’s very own startup community. They offer individuals and teams a stimulating and productive ecosystem to grow and collaborate with one another. They have a flexible setup and are fairly new in town. They organise movie screenings, book reading sessions and other such events to help the coworkers unwind. For more information, check out their Website and Facebook page.

Location: 125 Shahpur Jat, 2nd Floor, Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Green Park/Hauz Khas

Membership: INR 5,000 + taxes per month (full time), INR 3,000 + taxes for 12 days (part time), and INR 300 for a day pass

Contact: 081306 39933

Write to them at

Look out for Part 2 where we uncover lots more.

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