Crazy Wedding Favours To Make All Guests Happy!

The lists of the things-to-do seem to be never ending as your wedding date draws closer. And the excitement of family members and close friends also escalates manifold as the date approaches and they plan to make your big day special and memorable in every possible manner. So, when your turn comes to return them the favour, what will you do? Well, gift them something unique, interesting and useful.

To help you select the best return gifts for your loved ones on your wedding, here is a simple guide:

  1. Sunglasses: They are never out of fashion and they never make anyone look bad! Sporting sunglasses with embellished dresses is undoubtedly a tried and tested formula for getting amazing selfies clicked. And if your wedding is an outdoor function, then this is surely a great option. You can check Go Spiff for some great vintage sunnies.
  1. Bottle openers: Can there be anything more useful than this? All the beer lovers will nod in unison and say a loud ‘No’! So, for every guest turning up to wish you and bless you for a happy married life, get a customised bottle opener and they will grin with happiness! To place orders you can visit Light in the box and My custom opener.
  1. Shot glasses: If not bottle openers, then you can also go for shot glasses. They can be used as show pieces in homes and they look classy too. Truly, this is a multipurpose gift and go for some customised ones to make it all the more special. You can check Print land, Custom link, Happily Unmarried and Dezains for placing your orders.
  1. Homemade chocolates: It is not an unusual option. But, it is an excellent choice nonetheless. Guests will be delighted if they are gifted a cute can or basket of homemade chocolates. You can check Sinfully Yours, Firefly India (call at +91 9810300975) and Chockriti (email at or call at +91 919560516418t) to place your order.
  1. Gourmet cheese, tea, coffee: Think chocolates are too predictable gifts? Then go for gourmet cheese or tea or coffee. There are multiple brands offering elegant ones and it is perfect and everyone will give a thumbs up! You can go for brands like Blue Tokai and Jugmug Thela.
  1. Customised stationery: Somethings can never get boring. Funky stationery excite individuals belonging to every age group. So, surprise all your loved ones and guests with some unique accessories. You can try brands like Origin one and Eye Candy.
  1. Fridge magnets: They do not fall in the useful item category. But, they somehow prove to be amazing gift options. Just remember the last time someone gifted you fridge magnets, weren’t you excited and happy? To make your wedding memories remain etched on the minds of your guests forever, get special ones made with pictures or captions of your choice. You can visit these places to place your order – Aman printers, Fridge magnets online, Print land and Zolo.
  1. Salt and pepper shakers: Another gift option which can be used by guests as we need salt and pepper shakers in every household. Check out a few vendors (online or otherwise) and go for nice ones with antique feel or cool colours. To order, you can check Pepper fry and Prop Shop 24.
  1. Travel kit: Who doesn’t love to travel? And kits and accessories to squeeze in toiletries or other important elements are always on everyone’s must-have lists. Why not gift cute travel kits and delight everyone with your choice of wedding favour! You can visit Vega and Pack My Bag and Infibeam to place your orders.
  1. Tote bags: They are cute. They are light to carry yet useful. Every time your friends pick it up they will remember you and bless you for gifting them such a cute item! To place your order, you can check Richa, Toteca, Print land , Custom link and O’Frida.

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