Dameriino – Handcrafted Leather Shoes for the Men of Our Times


Men, men, ah wondrous men. Their image is so square like a crown of authority is their beard. Their strength is commendable for when he fixes things so effortlessly, it blows my mind away.

Men are wonderful and it’s time we put delicately handcrafted shoes on their feet that they can actually afford. Two autumns ago, an engineer — Abhishek Sharma — and an economics graduate and a consultant — Pranav Sawhney — got together to make shoes that they loved and could afford simply because there weren’t any available in the market. “The whole idea behind this is to make beautifully handcrafted leather shoes for the younger lot at a lower price range. The same quality is available in the market but they are priced at 10-12-15k, making them unaffordable. If a shoe is being manufactured for 2k then it can be sold for 3k and doesn’t need to be sold for 10k or 15k.” Sawhney told me over the phone explaining why there is a need for great quality shoes that are also easy on the pocket.

Dameriino — a labour of love for the artistry of handcrafted leather shoes as they call it — was founded in 2014. The material, design and functionality implemented in the making of these shoes is not merely the one that you see on the ramp at a fashion week. These shoes are for people who are comfortable enough with their style, for the design is not completely orthodox or contemporary. Dameriino works with leather craftsmen with the skills and knowledge passed over many generations.

“The shoes, with clean lines, are designed to subtly make a statement of you taking steps ahead of the fashion curve. Channeling inspiration from abstract thoughts into great aesthetic and comfortable designs, the shoes are constructed with great emphasis on ease of use. The designs and comfort make the shoe extremely versatile to dress up casual work attire or street wear and always keep you party-ready.” These shoes are for anyone between the age group of 20-40 or even 50. They have designer dress shoes like boots, brogues, oxfords, derbies & loafers and also sneakers for men preserving the baseline idea that shoes don’t have to be expensive.

“Our website launched last month in April 2016. We make only 50 pairs per design to keep them fairly exclusive. There are a lot of designs out there that we want to experiment with and not get stuck with the same design over and over again. Once the customer gets used to a particular brand, they are willing to experiment with the designs that are offered to them as opposed to picking the stuff that they like. We want people to push their boundaries with new shoe designs that we offer to them. Most men tend to buy a pair of shoes or two and wear them to every place and function. I’d rather buy 3-4 pairs of shoes in a year so that my style can be more versatile.”

When asked about the near future additions and improvements that the founders would like to see in the product, Sawhney informed me that they are going to be launching blog section with quality content on shoes. Whether it is what size fits you the best, know your leather or what to buy and what not to buy — the blog shall spill the beans and reveal all the secrets of the life of shoes. “A lot of people overlook shoes and we want to change that. We shall also be eventually starting with a subscription model wherein the interested customers could send in a fixed sum of money for the entire year and we’ll send them four pair of shoes. They don’t have to worry about anything.” said Sawhney resonating with a lot of men who cringe at the idea of shopping but are stylish nonetheless.

Check out their website here and follow them on Facebook.

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