Decoding Pokemon Go

Everybody’s talking about CP all of a sudden and if you listen up close you’d figure out that it isn’t about Connaught Place, instead Combat Power of a Pokemon. Pokemon Go has taken the world by a storm and it is no less prevalent in our very own Delhi. If you’ve seen some young dude walking around like a zombie in some park staring into his phone and then bumping into something and looking around all confused, know that he’s on it. Not just that at places (Hauz Khas Village) you’ll find groups of youngsters walking around with their phones plugged into power banks as they walk around. If you’re not well acquainted with the game let’s first get you started.


Pokemon started as video games for Gameboy back in 1995 by The Pokemon Company, a collaboration between, Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. Pokemon are mythical /magical creatures that are caught by Pokemon trainers to train and battle with each other. Over the years Pokemon took many shapes and also had an anime cartoon but this time around they’ve broken all barriers. Taking many steps forward the new Pokemon Go game uses Augmented Reality as well as real time GPS and time. So when you’re walking around and you will have to, you tend to bump into Pokemon waiting to be caught. There are Pokeballs to be chucked at them and many Pokemon to be caught. The type of Pokemon depends on the type of area you are in. Water type are found near water bodies and grassy type are found in parks and gardens and so on.


Then there are Pokestops which are curiously located places of prayer. These Pokestops give you more Pokeballs and other cool stuff. Also there are more chances of finding a Pokemon around here.


The best part about the game is that no matter how lazy you are you will be motivated to move around more and more to achieve bigger feats in the game. We’ve seen some players walk around 12 KM one evening just because he needed to hatch an egg. There is an indirect interaction with other players as well. You can battle other players’ Pokemon at Gyms which are typically more popular landmarks like Metro stations, malls and even bigger temples. You can either raise the level of a Gym and place your Pokemon to defend it or just battle down the other team’s Gym and take over.


But if you’re in the know of all this here are some tips to up your game in Delhi.

  1. Get yourself a waterbottle and step out. This is the only way you’re going to get ahead anywhere in the game.
  2. Try and test areas where there is good connectivity. The game as it is freezes at crucial points and it is only worse that India does not have seamless network coverage. The game is data heavy so make sure you have enough data on your plan. Roaming around the area that is well connected might be slow but a sure shot way to get up the ladder.
  3. Get on a metro. Metros are tricky but mostly all metro stations are Gyms. This means there will be Pokemon around there. Every time the metro halts you get enough time to catch one. Also the starting and stopping speed of the metro allows you to slowly build those Kilometers to hatch eggs.
  4. As the game does not let you hatch eggs when you are moving above 20 km/h, make full use of being stuck in traffic jams. The slow moving vehicle is a great way to hatch eggs, catch common Pokemon floating around and also pass time.
  5. Visit extremely popular places like CP, Hauz Khas Village and malls.. Yup get your antisocial butterfly game on. These places have tons of Pokestops and also pokemon. So you’re in a constant cycle of replenishing your Pokeballs and also catching all the wild pokemon. You don’t need to be super outgoing, you’ll be looking at your phone most of the time just like the others.
  6. Don’t roam around alone at night thinking it will get you some rare Pokemon. The number of Pokemon at night reduce and also it is absolutely unsafe. Abroad muggers have set up triggers at pokestops to assault unsuspecting youngsters walking around looking at their phones and some guy also shot two people playing the game.
  7. Safety is a must. The game is immersive, expansive and ever evolving but you’re still in the real world. There is no need to constantly look at the phone or venture out to a place that does not look the nicest.
  8. Attach some lure modules to a Pokestop near your house or workplace and see other people come to it. Talk to them and make friends.

That’s all just keep going and catch em all. Share your weird Pokemon stories and where you found what with us in the comments.

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