Dilli Haat: A Must-Visit Spot For Every Foodie!

Dilli Haat, located at INA, should be undisputedly declared as the best food destination of Delhi. Well, the place is a pleasant reminder of the diverse food culture of our country. While the multiple stalls serving momos always pull crowd, what many do not know is that Dilli Haat has a lot more to offer.

Next time when you head to Dilli Haat, check out a few of these stalls and you will surely return soon to try the rest! There is no question of getting disappointed, but make sure that you follow this list:

  1. Bihar: Litti choka, an exotic Bihari dish made withwhole wheat, gram flour, garlic, ginger, mustard and onion is simply delicious. Litti can also be tried with any chicken or mutton dish. If not litti, then try sattu paratha or poori withmotihari ka tass—a flavourfull chicken dish. Dalpithiti, a rice dumpling filled with dal is a great appetizer and satto ka sherbet, though very heavy is a unique salty drink served here.
  1. Kashmir: Gustaba i.e. meat balls in white curry, rista which comprises of meat balls in red curry and rogan josh are equally tasty. Yakhni is another dish which truly satisfies the taste buds. For vegetarians, a boiled saag preparation – Hak saag and jammu rajma are great picks. The Kashmiri tea, Kahwa served only during winter is too sweet, therefore, choose if you are in for it!
  1. Bengal: Start with the prawn cutlet. Next, either go for luchi (six in one plate) with kasha maangsho (mutton) or have the special Bengali thali which includes kasha chicken or mutton curry, plain rice, ghee rice, steamed fish in banana leaf, aloo bhaja (potato fry), dal, mango chutney and payesh. In case you are a vegetarian or even if you are a non-vegetarian, try the scrumptious radhaballabhi – pooris stuffed with urad dal – with aloor dum. If you have a sweet tooth, then don’t miss nolen gur er rosogolla and payesh.
  1. Rajasthan: This is one of the most popular stalls. It’s not surprising at all because who doesn’t like kachoris, pakoras and pani puris! The pyaz kachori, a combination of onion, dal and chillies, served with mint and saunt (tamarind) chutney is undeniably mouthwatering. You can also have a thali

which comes with five types of vegetarian dishes, dal, besan gatta curry, kadhi, bajra roti, rice and garlic chutney. Khoya kachori and jalebi are two yummy sweet offerings and they serve amazing hot tea in kulhad too!

  1. Assam: Luchi aloo (Assamese-style potato curry) is a good option. And depending on your preference, either try the fish thali or chicken thali which comprise of the delectable aloo pithika -mashed potatoes made with chillies, coriander and mustard oil. Here, the low-priced narikol (coconut) ladoo is just unmissable.
  1. Uttrakhand: Meat bhat (mutton and rice), a spicy gravy-based curry served with rice is a delicious choice. The pahari urad dal, prepared with nicely chopped onions and kafli, a dish comprising palak (spinach), rai (mustard) chaunsa are highly recommended. You can also go for the thali which comes with mandura roti and jhangari kheer.
  1. Odisha: All the sea food lovers should visit this stall which is popular for spicy prawn masala dish and crab sizzlers. For vegetarians, they have an array of options, including dahi vada aloo dum and katak chat.
  1. Maharashtra: A perfect fast food joint which offers tangy sev puri, delicious dabeli, Mumbai-styled pao bhaji and masala bhel. You can also opt for sabudana khichdi here. And don’t miss kokum sharbat and shreekant puri – the taste is absolutely authentic!
  1. Nagaland: This stall offers multiple spicy chutneys which are good enough to drive a person crazy with the hotness quotient! Try the raja mircha (bhut jholokia) chutney with pork or fish. However, if you are not too fond of spicy food, then have akhuni chutney which is prepared with soya beans and garlic. Also, try momos and bamboo shot pork curry here.
  1. Navdanya: Not belonging to any particular state, this chain, owned by Vandana Shiva, offers organic food. They taste absolute great, speciallyrajma (kidney beans) and millet dosa. The other good options include, sprout raitas, buckwheat dosas and idlis.

Where: Dilli Haat, INA

Nearest metro station: INA

Entry : Rs 20 for Indians, Rs 100 for foreigners

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