Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge: The View of the Qutub Minar and Other Delights


In the quaint streets of Mehrauli near Qutub Minar, not too far away from the busy venues of the Hauz Khas Village, is the Dramz Whisky Bar and Lounge.

A hut-like structure complete with vivid plantations and clusters of pretty bougainvillea opens into a hushed and spacious entrance reception. The scent of pure leather, a spectacle of sublime modern art and a 1920’s like interiors impart a royal charm to the space as you transcend into a different world.

The ground floor comprises of their exalting bar, wine cellar and cigar dehumidifier along with black marble table tops surrounded by skilfully crafted chairs and couches. The cellar had a ‘Midnight in Paris’ vibe to it that would definitely make one stay and relax over a sparkling glass of whiskey.


A long trail of steps take you to two dining spaces. One, closed with detailed decor and exquisite cutlery. The other, an open terrace area with the view of Qutub Minar’s forbidden floors—undeniably the most popular dining space for the majority of their guests. With the late November chills in the air, the warmth of the comfy sofa arrangement, the candle lights, the greens and the view, qualified it as a perfect romantic spot as well as a friends’ reunion scene. As a matter of fact, we happened to witness a proposal and broke into an “aww” moment instantly.


There are four menus at the Dramz—The à la carte menu, the wine menu, the cocktail menu and the cigar menu. The wide selection of continental, indian and oriental dishes are available as finger foods that pair impeccably with drinks or as a part of a meal that can have as many courses as you’d like. You may also opt for the chef’s menu wherein all you have to do is tick the dishes that excite you the most and coddle yourself with your drink while they serve them one after the other.

We went for the chef’s menu that changes every season, started off with stuffed mushrooms with a delightful parmesan cheese filling along with jalapeño fritters with a crunchy crust over smooth mashed potatoes. The food looked impeccable and the temperature was just right to dig in as soon as it was served. The flavoursome pulled lamb was our favourite.

The main course consisted of fish preparations that were pan seared, baked and served with a beautiful coriander seed and olive purée. With the flavours taking us on a roller coaster ride, the Indian platter consisted of a homestyle chicken curry and a rich, creamy dal makhani served with marvellously concoct Indian bread. We recommend you try this without fail. For dessert, a Gulkand flavoured ice-cream distinctively made the show end in magnificent taste.

Dramz’ charm and luxe are a break from the monotony of the usual array of themed settings. If you are looking out for a party place with loud music, this isn’t the place for you but for a fine dine experience, and a peaceful evening with family and friends, we say, you go for it.

Price for two: Rs 2,700 with taxes

Where: 1580/1, KD Marg, Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Qutub Minar

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