Drop the Bun

The quintessential sign of “yes I’m late to the scene”, the epitome of not knowing what’s best for you; yes it’s the man bun. You’ll see them at the parties a long with waistcoats and whiskies. The man bun has spread like wild fire and followed by celebs all around the globe. But that was a year ago and they surely dropped the bun soon after. While the trend hit India a little late it has also perched on heads way too long. And it’s time to let it go.

While you took time to grow your hair and then learnt the art of tying up the bun, taking cue from “20 best celebrity man buns” and “How to get the perfect man bun in 158 simple steps” a lot more was happening to hair outside of your little nest. Take for example, Jared Leto. After rocking his bun for long he finally chopped it off considering he’d flowed into the trend like the million others around him. But the irony is that it was him, Jake Gyllenhall and a few others who’d brought it to the masses. Only the masses never grew their hair to full length and stuck to the man bun’s mediocre cousin, the top knot.

Another reason why you should drop it and god forbid if you were going to get one now, you shouldn’t is that it comes with a tag. A tag of being called a hipster. And nobody should be called a hipster in 2016. You don’t want to be a guy who walks into Hauz Khas Village and people start partying like it’s 2013, thinking the hipsters have returned to save the holy land of nightlife.

So what can you do with your hair now that you bun is not shaking things up like it used to? You can still let it grow long. Yes the age old trend of having shoulder length college hair is back. Leto for example is doing it with his along with a simple full beard. Quite effortless and yet graceful. The same is seen being done without the beard bit by Kevin Parker, lead man of the band Tame Impala. There’s also a surprising return of the side parting. But what’s better is a high fade pompadour, somewhat like Justin Bieber’s been doing in all of his music videos. Yes Justin Bieber hairstyle is good, you heard that right. If you want it to be more manly you can do a side part to the same and it becomes a lot more controlled.

While beards go along great with almost everything, if you are going with these short hairstyles with fade then maybe give it a shot without the beard. Although the beard is going nowhere, it is still a good time to make the change, especially if you’re not the kinds who just has Movember hangover.

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