Existential Ezio – Delhi’s Own Virtual Existentialism

Facebook pages are sure becoming a major part of our lives. Some of us even prefer having more coming from the pages we subscribe to than from the friends on our feed. And why shouldn’t we, when there are pages like Existential Ezio out there. For those who are unacquainted and not much into video games, Ezio or Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the prime protagonist of Assassin’s Creed franchise. An ancestor of Desmond Miles, his career as an assassin begins at the time of the Italian renaissance.

But that’s all fine and dandy, what’s best about the page is how simply it brings out the banality of living while still taking the whole point of questioning to another level of pointlessness. And when this is being run by Delhi lawyer, Abhiroop Datta there’s all the more to relate to. It is a hilarious take that mixes game references with modern day lifestyle issues such as partying and growing up at the same time. The format is simple, an Ezio action figure placed at some prime locations in and around Delhi, a bar, a historical site or even a workstation, existentialism strikes Ezio no matter how busy or how much fun he’s having.

ezio 1

Abhiroop says there’s no escaping the feeling. You might not know it is happening inside you. You might know why simply standing in the crowd, doing something you always do can make you feel a lot more and the simplest of questions you might raise at that point, are actually deep. Asking him why the existential take he says, “The Creed’s maxm is ‘Nothing is true; everything is permitted’ and that I think resonates at every level with existential philosophy. It’s like your fantasy has an existential crisis. And my fantasy, as influenced by the game was to be an Italian Assassin. Everyone has the crisis within them and think if they are doing what they are supposed to do and that what if a super hero, an assassin perched at the edge of a rooftop has the same feeling. It works at so many levels that maybe some are even overlooked. To simply put, it is like watching a movie and seeing the hero feel the same things as you do.”

ezio 3

Incidentally he also feels that it’s a new way to also show things to do in Delhi, as he explores different avenues himself and mentions the locations in the posts off and on.

Follow the page here and have a laugh for yourself while you think. Think real hard.

ezio 2

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