Eye Opening Cups – Best Spots For Your Coffee Fix

Coffee has always been a charming drink. For those who like to stay up late or those who just love the taste of this warm(feeling) and woody wonder. But after years of having the same old bottled coffee or that which you have to make using a sachet, we’ve finally moved on. And we’ve moved to times of artisanal coffee, Single Origin and absolutely delicious blends. There are cupping sessions and dedicated roasters in the city who are pushing the coffee envelope further every time. And here are a few of them that you must try, either to pick up a fresh batch or just sip a delectable cup.

Kaffa Cerrado


It’s not a café but an online store that brings to you some of the most exotic coffees from around the globe. They house the best single-origin beans and keep the flavour of each bean the same till it gets to you. When we say exotic single-origin we mean places like Indonesia, South America, Ethiopia, Colombia etc. A product of Dalmia group they’re process is robust and makes sure the farmers have good on farm practices and their suppliers have quality checks at each stage of getting the beans to you.

They roast the individual origin beans in ways that are suited for them and bring out the right flavour in each.

The Sumatra Mandheling is something you should most definitely try. It has a velvety texture and brings along a spicy, nutty flavour. A little steep, a bag of 250gms will cost you Rs 800. Order it online here.



Perch has been around in Khan Market for a while and now also comes to Vasant Vihar. Although not a coffee only place, it is known for its single origin and blended coffee brews. They have coffees from Nicaragua, Uganda, Costa Rica, Indonesia and other places. But something that stands out is their Vietnamese brew and of course the rising star of the city, coffee Sangria. The Coffee Sangria is like nothing you’ve tasted before and yet made of everything you have. Perch is a place you should visit just for its coffee when you’ve already been there for lunch the same day.
They also conduct small workshops every once in awhile, on brewing the best kind of coffee, coffee equipment and just to make you know more about what makes your cup of coffee taste the way it does.

Where: 71,Khan Market

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

blue tokai

This little roasterie has been making a lot of noise in the city’s coffee circuit.  They deliver more than 300 kgs of coffee in a month. They source their coffee from specialty farms around the country and specially from the south, then roast them on Wednesdays and Sundays, which then gets delivered to you the next day. Primarily a roasterie, they have a quaint cafe at an inconspicuous khasra in Saidul-Ajaib. Here you can try their Flat-white, pour-overs and cortados (variations of milk, water coffee). They do a lot of flavours as well. Not the best food to be had at the moment but that is also because their main focus has been mostly on the coffee and are slowly working towards food that suits the coffees they brew.

Where: Khasra 258, Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saiyad ul Ajaib, New Delhi,

Indian Coffee Depot

indian coffee depot

Is somewhat of a phantom shop(s) that lies on Tolstoy road where packet of just one kind of coffee is to be found and gets delivered to the bureaucratic houses, Rashtrapati Bhavan, the embassies and what not. But every once in awhile a coffee enthusiast comes about this well hidden place and picks up some coffee, for just Rs 190 a kg. A KG. That’s enough coffee to keep a classroom of engineers being forced to study history.

Opened by the British in 1943 and is today run by the Coffee Board of India as a contrast to the fast moving coffee trends of baristas brewing obscure coffees in fancy machines. Venture in and you’ll find coffee roasted and blended in Bangalore being ground and packed by a lady, all ready to be delivered.

Where: 16, Tolstoy Lane, Connaught Place.

Ethiopian Cultural Center


This one is not a coffee place per se but it is Ethiopian so like.. you know. Yes, you get some of the finest Arabica beans brewed for you Ethiopian style, the coveted place where coffee took birth. They have a different way of doing things here. There is a restaurant called Blue Nile and then there is the coffee room where your waiter will brew a fresh cup for you and serve it in handle less cups. Which means you have to drink it the Oriental way. It’s somewhat ritualistic, or becomes so when you drink it like that and also get a large bowl of popcorn along with your coffee. All oddities apart, the place serves really good coffee, one which you should follow up after your meal as you sink into a couch thinking about how amazing life is with coffee.

Where: 7/50 G, Satya Marg, Chanakyapuri

Jugmug Thela

jugmug 1

More popularly known for their highly aromatic tea blends and biscoots with quirky thela offerings, the ever favourite Jugmug Thela also does some great cups of coffee. The kinds that make you forget that you’re having coffee until you have too much and your eyes start looking super drugged. But it’s still coffee. They brew and sell coffee from Vietnam (although the Robusta bean, but really really good), Costa Rica and some blends of Aribica and Robusta beans from Waynad, Kerala. Another special blend they have is the Garage 52, which is dark and bold, a perfect brew for a bike rider to go on for miles or if you like it then excel sheets in your office chair. Do check them out at their soon to be open tea and coffee spot at Saidul-Ajaib.


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