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Every kid grows up looking at planes flying by in the sky. As a kid the one thing that fascinated us all the most was planes and it remains the same today. Sure times have changed and air travel has become a common affair, the young ones still find joy when they see a plane up close. This is where Aeroplanet based in Dwarka comes in.


Aeroplanet is a space created for school children and youngsters to get a close look at airplanes. Started by Mr. BC Gupta in 2005, it aims to teach kids about the safety measures to be taken while flying but also make it a whole lot of fun. In a short time other flying institutes joined hands with them and a Govt. authority stationed two real planes for them; one Airbus A300 and a Bombardier CRJ200. It is these planes that visitors get a tour of, right from cabin safety about seatbelts, floating devices, lifejackets and oxygen masks to more severe conditions of fire and smoke. They are also taken to the cockpit and given a brief description of the plane’s workings. You also get to sit in the pilot seat and wear the pilot’s hat for added authenticity and of course fun. The best part is that you get to exit the plane using the emergency escape chute (the sliding tarpaulin).


Aeroplanet also guides airhostesses and pilots on in-flight behavior, disaster management as they don’t always have a plane at their disposal to get more authentic training and feel of the real thing.Once done with the flight experience the kids can then partake in fun activities like trampoline jumping, indoor games and sports like cricket, basketball, skating etc. they also get a good share of food and drinks to get their energies up again in case it all became a little too much.

Aeroplanet also has facilities for a night’s stay with dining and recreational activities; in fact the whole place can be booked to celebrate birthdays. Aeroplanet is an ideal place to take your kids, or the kids at your school for a whole day of fun and activity, that too with an informative touch. Who knows, some of them might just grow and interest in flying and head on to be future pilots and flight crew members. So the next time there’s a weekend and nothing to do for the kids, you know where to go.

AddressCAT Complex, Opp. CRPF Camp, Block-A, Bagdola, Sector-8, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.

Nearest metro station–  Dwarka Sector-9 & Sector-8

Mobile:09312200335, 09350144460



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