Why You Ought To Follow These 7 Delhi Fashion Bloggers Now?

In 1990—at the dawn of the economic liberalisation of the Indian economy—the exposure to global fashion swelled. Delhi steadily became a home to world famous fashion designers, high-end stores and fashionistas. The late 2000’s saw Fashion blogging emerge from the cocoon as Delhi continued to make an impression on global fashion. “The joy of dressing is an art.”—John Galliano. A few souls seemed to have mastered the art and aren’t afraid to show it off. Not only do these fashion bloggers a.k.a artists have their fingers on the pulse of every latest trend but they also don’t fail at portraying their inspiring distinctive styles.

They are storytellers. They design an eclectic world for us to explore. From stylish shoes to instagrammable food and gorgeous photographs that you’d find difficult to stop staring at, this ‘it’ community is on its pathway to redefining fashion with their style commentary. Here are the reasons why we can hardly resist from following these super 7.

  1. Aien Jamir A-J-Store

Aien Jamir

Aien Jamir seems to possess the philosopher’s stone since, every piece of clothing she touches, turns to gold. Her style statement and fashion sense—bringing the most trivial items to life transforming them into timeless pieces of art—appeal to everyone despite them being in their teens or late 30’s. Owner of a clothing store that she created in 2011, she also founded her five-year-old fashion blog ‘Fashion and I’. This woman is rising above the leading fashionistas with her imagery and compositions that come alive through her photographs.

Follow her on Facebook, twitter, instagram and don’t forget to check out her Blog.

  1. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu

With strong faith in absolute comfort and eyes set on the finest details of the latest trends, this NIFT graduate and army brat has worked her way wonderfully into the fashion world. Her style is more about mingling patterns and playing with textures rather than blindly following trends. She loves what she does and that’s why we love her.

Find more of her on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and her pretty website.

  1. Manou wearabout


Manou is a traveller and a street-style blogger capturing the essence of fashion spread across different alcoves of the country since 2013. Always on a roll, currently he’s residing in Delhi and nobody knows for how long. His blog is a glorious mix of the fashion aware generation and the ones completely aloof from the idea of fashion. The brief exchange between him and his subjects make his compilations interesting enough to make one stay a little longer and scroll down further.

Follow his trail on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Shreya Kalra For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things

Shreya Kalra

With a voice synonymous to power both on paper and in spoken words, Shreya started sharing her love of fashion in 2010 and continue to bedazzle us till date. Her style exudes a vintage, old-school feel beautifully amalgamated with the ongoing fashion trends. Her compositions and content is both thought provoking and something that the readers can connect with, on some level.

Find out what Shreya is up to on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  1. Pallavi Ruhail That Delhi girl

Pallavi Ruhail

This doctor turned fashion blogger began her blogging journey in june of 2013. With the following of 25k on facebook, Pallavi does an inspiring job of draping not just the western outfits but also does complete justice even to the desi ones. If you are looking for quick beauty tips, That Delhi Girl is your go-to gal!

Find out all about Pallavi on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Namit Sirohi Valley of Chic

Namit Sirohi

With the love of intriguing visuals and holding an admiring quantity of interest in the Indian and International Fashion weeks, 22-years-old Namit Sirohi—pursuing his bachelor of design in Fashion from NIFT, New Delhi—founded the Valley of Chic in 2012. You can catch a glimpse of the minute details in the designer collections showcased at the broadway shows along with the fashion followed and worn by college goers.

Follow Namit on twitter and instagram.

  1. Sarthak Raswant Plaid It Well Style Blog

Sarthak Raswant

Digital & Brand Marketing head at Gaurav Gupta, one of the leading couturiers in India, Sarthak stands out in a rather desolated arena of men’s fashion blogging in India. He is a stylist, writer, model, an online window shopping addict and blogger. If you are seeking a fresh perspective on how one can carry a print-on-print in style, what suits a particular body-type or having a tough time deciding between silhouettes and shoe styles—he is your man!

For more updates, follow Sarthak on Facebook, twitter and instagram,

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