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Lal maas, Korean pork bulgogi, off the bone ribs and prawn, shitake dim sum, no we are not talking about the best potluck lunch you’ve been to but the best multi-cuisine restaurant you’ll find in Delhi. And like the very many gems of the city this one too is tucked away in Shahpur Jat. We’re talking about the essential food place Boom Food. Sure gives you the idea of building up an appetite before going there right? And you should because a) the food here is mind blowing and b) even though the name suggests it, the herbs they use are non recreational. What they achieve is a wide range of desi and non desi stuff with a quick turn around time and very very good preparations. The best part is that all of their dishes have good quantity to match the insatiable Delhi belly. And this they achieve because of the years of experience in hospitality that Boom caterers bring with them. You’ll find that the food from Boom always tastes fresh, and flavourful at all times. They have a split kitchen for Asian and Indian and then also for veg and non-veg food. They’re level or organising raw ingredients till they are cooked and served to you is impeccable

Coming down to the food that we had, first things first, you need to get your hands dirty with the pork ribs. Or not, as they are so soft that the meat will simply slide off the bone with a slight pull with the fork. This is because they are cooked for six hours and flavoured with Japanese Toragashi spice which gives it that beautiful taste. You could just eat a ton of these and be happy for life (and maybe get a heart attack but who cares about that.) But if you don’t opt to do that then you’re in luck because there is also the prawn yaki gyoza with shitake and bamboo shoot that you have to try. Their dim sums are made with delicate wraps and a perfect blend of filling. The shitake and the bamboo shoot really add tons of flavour to these babies. Also the velvety peanut sauce that comes along is easy to lap up.

If you’re a vegetarian and think this might not be the place for you then you are wrong. This is one place that understands that vegetarians are human too and that’s why they make an awesome kimchi rice. Getting the korean core dish, Kimchi right is a big feat in the first place and then making an amazing tasting kimchi rice is another. The rice is packed with flavour and you can just eat it as a stand alone dish the punch of the kimchi really comes through (we’re not sure if this is entirely veg, as authentic kimchi needs some elements of fish). Wait another veg delicacy? Yes the spinach corn cheese dim sums. They’re like the CCD sandwiches had sex with the best dim sums in town and turned into the best veg dim sum you can get. The insides are soft and flavourful, the cheese is already melted up and mixed with the spinach and corn. One bite into it and you’ll be in veggie heaven.

This is just the firang stuff we had, when you come down to the Indian curries bit you’ll be making some serious life decisions. These guys have Bengali style chicken, laal maas, haleem, kerala mutton, mutton yakhni and kosha mangsho all listed down at one place. Tossed a coin and went with the laal maas. It was fiery red and yummy to the last morsel. It was the best laal maas that we’ve had apart from the one a Rajasthani friend’s mom makes at home. If you want to breath fire like a dragon go for it or even otherwise just go for it. Their dhaba daal makhni is great too, think and creamy goes best with raita and rice. You can’t go wrong with it.

On the side we’ve also ordered their satay kai and chicken pad thai. The satay has big pieces of chicken on it unlike the usual tiny ones that you find at most places. This isn’t your usual bland satay, it is loaded with a spice rub and cooked really well. The pieces have a lite bite to them just like how it should be. There is a nice woody taste to it from the smoke. These go well with the pad thai which is sticky just like it should be. A big mass of noodles loaded with veggies, peanuts and spices. You can have the pad thai just like that without any gravy as it is quite moist and well cooked. We have gotten stuffed eating Boom food and yet kept going many a times just because we didn’t want to put it in the fridge.

You’d probably do the same so order away. They deliver at most parts of South Delhi.

Where: 188, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Meal for two: Rs 1,000

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