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Friendicoes is Delhi’s most-respected and active animal rescue organization. The Frendicoes Project was started in 1970 by Geeta Seshamani and late Gautam Barat who as school kids, wanted to provide care for stray animals. They started, and still continue to operate out of, under the Defence Colony Flyover. The space was provided by the then Prime Minister of India, Ms. Indira Gandhi.

Officially recognized in 1979 as a society, the NGO has grown in the last three decades and runs two shelters across Delhi & NCR- one in Defence Colony and the other one in Gurgaon. They service about 2000 animals providing medical care, food and shelter for them apart from running a hospital and several programs to curb stray dog population explosion, vaccination programs and round the clock animal ambulance services.

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Founder and now vice president of the NGO, Geeta Sashamani’s vision has been to create and sustain a platform that brings together passionate people to Delhi to show their love to stray and abandoned animals. In this endeavor, Frendicoes also runs an adoption centre through which many of the animals find way into loving families that they deserve. Their passion for helping animals in need is equally reciprocated by Delhi folk who remarkably saved the society from going bankrupt last year, raising more than 40 lakhs as part of an extensive crowd funding program.

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Frendicoes is also actively engaged in animal rescue operations thus dealing with the complex issue of cruelty towards animals which, for some reason, exists and is a cause for concern. Literally providing a leash of life to some dogs who have been abused to the point of being afflicted with irreversible damage or to those who have been abandoned due to disability, injury or otherwise, the NGO continues to follow a policy of never turning away an animal in distress.


Partnering over time with MCD and other civic bodies in NCR, Frendicoes is also a part of many government funded projects to improve stray animal health, with their operations running not just in Delhi but also Faridabad, Ballabhgarh, Ghaziabad extending all the way to Mathura, Vrindavan, Jewar, Tappal, Baharatpur and Agra.

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One can make donations (money, food, blankets, whatever could help the animals) via their website. Better still, one can volunteer for various programs. They also run an active ambulance service and are responsive to distress calls for stray animals. Best is to go visit their facilities and shower some love on the animals. Their Facebook page also lists current adoptions. Go on, make your day special by spending some time with the animals and good people at Friendicoes.

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Where: 271 & 273, Defence Colony Flyover Market, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

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