Funkanatomy : For Pretty Trinkets at Unbelievable Prices

What happens when you get a food stylist to make you some earrings? You get some darn good ones. Yup that’s not what Funkanatomy’s about but that’s what you get there. Some super shiny and sparkly earring with mostly ethnic motifs. Kirin Vas the mastermind, RnD officer, chief manufacturing manager and everything there is to Funkanatomy and got to know how thing work at the back end. She is a 20 something who works as a professional food stylist but chooses to freelance so she can keep up her part hobby part business venture of making cool jewellery going.  She started it in 2011 but says that her first tryst with beads and making her own designs started when she was in the 8th standard.


Looking at the site, you’ll know that it is all her doing. Right from coming up with a design, making it, clicking a picture of the piece propped up on her own fingers and then managing the sales and deliveries as well is taken care by her. She manages to pull off just about 3-4 pieces of one design which is why things are far from becoming a big scale brand. And that’s how she likes to keep it. Her buyers have been from age 5 upwards with no specifics to group them together. She feels her buyers are people with a high sense of aesthetic but also the fact that there is a personal angle to it. People tend to like and be loyal to small brands and something that only they know about. Her pricing hasn’t moved up with inflation or popularity in the past 5 years which makes her wonder why the whole idea hasn’t self-destructed by now but probably also a reason why it has bloomed. She has zero business acumen or so she believes.


This has been achieved by having no prior training in jewellery making or design. The only help she gets is from some friends (Guneet Narula, Samuel Thomas and Gaurav Misra) in the setting up and maintenance of the website, which by the way is fuschia on black and somewhat reeks of Kirin. Where does she then come up with these cool trinkets you might ask? Her way is to basically sit on the floor surrounded by beads and they try different combinations until she comes up with something that works. Other than that, she browses through pinterest and also new design ideas from customers via the beatbox app and custom order requests. It takes irregular intervals for her to come up with stuff and she explains, “The making of the design is the easiest bit, what’s more time consuming is taking and editing of the pictures and updating the website and scheduling of posts on social media.”


Kirin plans to get some skills in metalwork (apart from numchuk skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills) and set up an etsy store so more people can reach her and order from around the globe. This would also come with use of precious metals and gems. Kirin has many other talents she doesn’t talk about like acting in cool music videos for local DJs, playing bass and singing. Maybe we’ll get her to do a video for us soon. Until then check out her jewellery and order away.



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