Gaming Central – A Gamer’s Holy Grail

What started out as just a facebook page back in 2012 by Shrey Mishra- an engineer/digital marketer is now a sprawling arena for game reviews, competitions, PC build workshops and lots of other stuff. Presenting Gaming Central –  a portal for gamers by gamers.

Gaming in general has a very negative perception in India. And this is what the guys at GC wanted to change. How? By bringing in unique content and community solutions; like game and content development. “We conceptualized and executed a video series called Gaming heroes for NVIDIA where we showcased the story of Prithvi who despite his handicap competes with the best and uses gaming to motivate himself” says Shrey.  This clearly makes a difference to what gaming is mostly perceived as.

Fun Fact: Gaming is the 3rd as the most popular activity after social networking and clicking pictures.

Gaming usually starts out with exhilarating LAN parties at home or cafes. The rush of the game and the gamers surrounding you soon takes a frenzied tone! Words like ‘spawn point’, ‘frag out’, ’take cover’, become embedded in your vocabulary. With Gaming Heroes they aim to provide a platform to bring gamers and their stories to the forefront. It is a collection of inspirational stories of the Indian Gamer and their journey in making it big in gaming. This initiative celebrates gamers who have dedicated their time and energy in building their lives around gaming and its different aspects. They have made gaming more than just a hobby, and have been driven by passion to make gaming a part of their daily lives.

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Over a period of last two years, GC has used their expertise in community management and content to help brands reach out to the desired audience. “While we refrain from plain vanilla banner advertising, we offer our customers rich content plugs to reach out to the community. An example of that is Pimp My Rig which serves as a consumer awareness platform where we educate hardware enthusiasts about the different hardware options available. The videos and infographics worked so well for Sandisk that they are now used for internal training purposes,” tells Shrey. This is how they blend advertising and gaming all in one place.

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GC also has an up and roaring youtube channel. Since most of the audience likes byte sized video content so they have set up a special programming calendar for the folks who like to follow Gaming up close. They position the gaming content as Global quality content from India. So even if it is mostly Indians watching it the videos are relevant to anyone across the globe.

Visit their website here and follow them on facebook here.

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