Get lost at Bhardwaj Lake

Mystery of the hidden lake

We’ve talked about a lot of parks and forested areas in and around New Delhi in the past and have kept out the usual Lodhi, Panchsheel etc out of it. Each park in Delhi has its own charm and setting, meant for different people and different activities. This time we want to talk about a place that isn’t a park or a forest reserve. It is a place with no signboards, no directions and no knowing if you’ve even landed up at the place that you set out for to begin with. We’re talking about a lake called Bhardwaj lake (although there are supposedly other names to it). Bhardwaj lake is quite unlike the Badkhal lake, which means that it has water in it and quite a lot for that matter. It is located in Faridabad, near the Asola sanctuary in the area that was illegally mined for lime sevral years ago before the Government put a ban on it and water filled up to form many such lakes around this area(around 8).


There are two ways to get here, one by road through the Suraj Kund road and then Anangpur, the way is not the simplest and will require a lot of asking around, the other is on foot and is a better way as you get to enjoy a good hike(around 3 kilometers) and check out other lakes on your walk. To get on the trail to the lake you must park at the College of Traffic Management in Sector 43 Faridabad, cross the road and walk into the woods. Be sure to carry along a lot of food and drinks, as there is none to be found on your way or at the lake itself. There are barely any people here and it is best to go in a large group to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

There are a lot on Macaque monkeys around, though they mostly keep to themselves but if they sense that you have something to eat or drink they will surely try and get their hands on it. So keep your supplies close and be sure to keep all the waste in bags that you carry back. To begin with, you’ll see rusty parts of an age old bulldozer crossing which will give you the view of CITM lake 1 on your left. Go around the lake and you’ll see some dilapidated houses and an old banyan tree. Keep to your left and keep walking till you’ll see another small lake and then quickly another in front/on your right. This is CITM lake 2. This where most of the people stop with their adventures and that is mostly because the way ahead isn’t an easy one and vehicles can’t go any further. If you plan to take a two wheeler then be careful as we saw two guys who had a flat dragging their bike out till the main road.

As you cross the CITM lake two, the path becomes confusing but keep going further there will be a fork, take the left one, you’ll see a whitish hillock to your right and the main path continuing straight. Look for a tiny trail going right around the hillock, you’ll be able to see the pristine and majestic Bhardwaj lake from here. The path down to the lake from here is really anything that looks easy for you.

Once down there you’ll see a sandy beach like back, this is the ideal place to settle down. You’ll see ducks in the clear deep blue water, apart for some water plants the water is very tempting, if you don’t feel like take a dip, do sink your legs in the ice-cold water. It’s best to get here as early as possible because once here, you wouldn’t want to leave in a hurry. Make yourself comfortable, carry a book, eat, drink, sleep even if you like it. Carry a good camera to do justice to the place and blutooth speakers can also come in handy. There is barely any mobile network here so plan your day accordingly. It’ll take you a moment to absorb it all in and before you know it you’ll be exploring the place more and more.


More or less it is a safe place but it is always good to be on the safer side. Going on a date over here would surely not be a good idea, nor would be an attempt at spending a night here. Villagers, mobs, muggers and wild animals could prove dangerous. Make sure you head back on the trail as soon as the sun begins to set. Walking along the path in the dark could be a daunting task. But while you are there make the most of it and thank yourself for taking the chance.

Nearest Metro Station : Badarpur

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