Got The Munchies?

It’s late afternoon. You’re making yourself a cup of tea and wondering if you should open that bag of potato chips lying on the kitchen counter. Nah, too unhealthy. Too many unnecessary calories. But the truth is that you are a little hungry and would like to munch on something.

Feel guilty about it, no more. Because we’ve got you a list of places that deliver healthy snacks that actually taste good (and not like sand. Digestive cookies, anyone?).


Created especially for your little munchkins, these snacks are perfect for your child to take to school to give her a boost of energy. You can choose from Buttery Bran Biscuits (that come with gems on them), Flavored Fox Nuts, Noah Cookies (gluten-free), Nutritious Nilla Crunchers (yummy vanilla bars that come with a sweet-tangy taste), Perfect Parmesan Crisps and Very Berry Mix (made using ragi and real fruit), among many other options. Word of caution: These snacks are so tasty that even you’d want to try them out.


Show li’l munchkins the website here


All of their snacks are either baked, roasted or toasted. Plus, they come with no added chemicals, artificial flavors and colors or food preservatives. And you still have a whole lot of options to choose from, whether it is cookies, energy bars, chips, crackers, rusks and even, millet porridge (we can’t wait to try the one with mango in it). Our favorites so far are the Walnut Brownie Thins, Cocoa Almond Cookies and Lemony Raisin Biscotti.


Get your roasted and toasted munchies here

Place of Origin

We first visited this website when we were craving Kwality Toffees (from Dehradun). But we soon realized that they offer some healthy snacking options too. Whether it is Low Fat Moong Dal Chips (how did anyone even think of that?), Sugar-free Anjeer Pak, Kale Chips, Assorted Dates From The Middle East With Filling (yeah, that’s what they are calling it) and many more.


Visit them here.

Brown Tree

Their Baked Nippatu got our attention first. Then, there’s also the Corn Chips Roasted, Jowar Puff Roasted and Ragi Chips. You may even try their Groundnut Cheese, Groundnut Garlic and if you can’t decide, Groundnut Cocktail.brown-tree

Nomnom here.

Org Tree

Their love for both millet and cookies is evident. Some even consider millet the world’s healthiest food, you know. At Org Tree, they’ve got Cocoa & Almond Kodo Millet Cookies, Chocolate Chips & Cocoa Little Millet Cookies and Ginger Ragi Cookies. Plus, savories like Mint Sorghum Snacks and  Pepper Little Millet Snacks. They supply cookies anywhere in India for a minimum order of Rs. 250 (with no extra shipping charges).org-tree

Discover cookie happiness here.

Taste Bells

A similar concept like the one that kickstarted Place of Origin, even Taste Bells lets you pick sweets, beverages, snacks, staples and health food, based on the place they come from in India. Honestly, this is what makes you feel so blessed that you are in India because the options are just mind-boggling.taste-bells

Discover the best of India here.


Their motto is simple: Munch better. We sure will when we have options like Wholewheat Belgian Chocochip Waffle, Cream & Onion Wholewheat Thins, Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies, Roasted Mexican Chickpeas and Kale Chips with Bajra Puffs to choose from. There’s also Hot Wasabi Peanuts, Banana & Chia Granola Crunchers and Baked Bhakarwadi. Plans include signing up for their weekly or monthly trial box. Else, you may opt for a subscription package for a month or even three months.snackible

Snack attack here.

Happy munching!


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