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Your kid’s growing up and you have a strong urge to give him/her the best. Food, nutrition, environment, it all plays a crucial role. So what do you do? You take the most consumed daily product and make it better for your kid and for everyone else out there. You make milk as natural and healthy as it can get while also keeping the hygiene in place. This is what the good guys of Farmery are doing. Both Vivek and Nishant while being young parents found the need to have unprocessed, clean milk that comes from happy cows and started Farmery in Dec 2015.

The cows at the Farmery are fed all natural fodder, bathed and allowed to roam freely in the farm, which makes happy hormones and thus happy milk. “We have H/F cows at the farm which are the most commonly used breed across Europe and US. These are cross bred to suit to Indian conditions. Our customers can come and visit the farm over the weekend and get to meet us and see the cows and processes,” says Nishant Gupta.

They tell us that their team works daily without any breaks at the farms and distribution hubs from midnight to early morning hours. We have now a stable team of people who serve the customers from 6 to 9 AM everyday. A major task they face, “Getting people to report for work daily at 4 AM becomes a challenge especially in rainy and extreme winter weather.”

How does it work you may ask and the answer is simple, Farmery provides flexibility to customers to manage their own milk schedules via their app or website. They are also open to modifications via SMS or calls to the care number.  We deliver between 6-9 AM and note down any special timing requests to accommodate on our routes and slots.We tried out their trial package of two days and the man with the bottle was promptly there at our door. The bottle packaging is appealing as much as the milk. Once received, we boiled it as instructed on the site. The milk not being pasteurized means you have to boil it or accept indigestion and spoilage. After cooling down there was a fair amount of cream on the milk and no it wasn’t the old school yellow colour. Just as white as the milk from a packet only more wholesome and tastier. I had stopped adding any sugar or flavour in my milk long back and tasted this milk as is. It has more of the natural milk sugar and feels just right.
They say that as their milk is not processed in anyway, its consistency changes from day to day. It depends on the diet of the animal and how its body functions on a particular day. This does not mean that there are no quality checks in place. The milk is checked for being consumable after the cow is milked using automatic systems avoiding any contamination from human touch. Then it is chilled down to 2 degree celsius, bottled and sent to you within 2 hours from a farm near the city. Phew.

farmery 1“We believe in giving farm fresh raw milk as it is which contains 20-30% more nutrition by better calcium absorption and essential vitamin and minerals. The raw cows milk is supposed to contain good fat which is cholesterol free and easy on stomach. We have Lab test reports on hormones, chemicals and pesticides on our websites to assure our customers,” we are told and are more than assured that it’s the good stuff.

It doesn’t just end there. The Farmery cows are not injected with anything unwanted, which means no growth hormones or milk yield boosters. Heard about the phenomenon where kids are hitting puberty before the right age? It is linked to milk that comes from an animal pumped with artificial oxytocin. Plus as they suggest themselves, you need to boil the milk within two hours of getting it, is because there are no preservatives like formalin which is otherwise present in most other popular milk vendors. The only way they keep the milk fresh is by using a cold supply chain.

Farmery also makes sure they stay green by using non-toxic, non-reactive materials (glass milk bottles)  making them more environment friendly than those who sell millions of unrecyclable plastic bags each day or tetra packs which have seven layers of indestructible stuff. If this doesn’t convert you, make a trip down to their farm, say hello to the cows and see it all happening in front of your own eyes.farmery-milk-bottle-front

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