Greenr is Greener and Tastier!


416 Shahpurjat Village, New Delhi
Timings: 11:00am – 8:30pm | Monday – Saturday, Sunday closed

Price for two: Rs 1200

Walking down the narrow, shady lanes of Shahpurjat village, Greenr can be spotted easily, owing to its conspicuous sign board carved with beautiful typography. On entering the space, a homely vibe adorned with soothing lights and earthy decor filled with organic goodness envelops you entirely. The ground floor is dedicated to the Greenr store—attached to Nimai, a Multi-Designer concept jewelry brand—comprising of clothes, handcrafted home decor item, bags, essential oils among other organic goods. Watch your head on the spiral trail of stairs leading up to the café upstairs.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the café is it’s raw ambience complete with rough textured ceilings and reclaimed kale wood shelves with astonishingly neat finish. Aesthetically woven shades encompasses the café that is endowed with ingeniously designed and vividly hued mismatched chairs and bar stools in metal and wood coming together for a casual and fun atmosphere. It was hard to take one’s eyes off the statement black penny-farthing inspired vintage curio blending impeccably with curios randomness of the café. The crockery was meticulously displayed on the shelves along with a dynamic variety of indigenous coffee in exquisite packaging. The open kitchen bedecked with contemporary appliances and a glossy marbled countertop adds to the laid-back charm of the space.

While we sat in a quaint little corner of the cafe, locally grown Chikmagalur (near Mysore) coffee—frothy, mild yet kickstarting— was served to us in riveting bone china cups at just the right temperature. The menu is an interesting culmination of vegan and organic dishes inspired by California cuisine. First up was the Tuna Croquette served along with lemon mayo sauce—the vegetarian dish that tasted exactly like tuna bereft of its pungency. The delightful deceptiveness continued as we took a huge bite out of our tofu patty burger that spontaneously melts in the mouth. Grounded fresh tofu glazed with generous amounts of butter coalesced with scrumptious caramelized onion and mustard mayo on a wheat bun are served with beautifully seasoned salad comprising of sun-dried tomatoes,] spinach and salad leaves on the side. The Beetroot + Mint dip served with nachos was an immaculate amalgamation of the sweetness of beetroot and the bitterness of mint. Next, we sampled some flavoursome vegetable tagliatelle with plant meatballs in neapolitan sauce. The grated zucchini—in yellow and green, squash and carrot—topped with a thick layer of some heavenly tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese—made an impeccable proxy for pasta. The savoury meatballs—made of rice—brought the dish together for a true gastronomic treat in terms taste, smell and sight. We concluded our delectable jaunt with a slice of peanut butter and cashew raw cheesecake garnished with freshly sliced strawberry. The goodness of coconut, almonds, dates along with maple syrup adding up to the ‘perfect sweet’ factor left us asking for more of the sweet dish that wasn’t cooked even a bit.


Amidst the rat race of doing something different or being the ultimate go-to place, Greenr is a sweet little haven that seems to be aloof to the race; taking it slow, short steps towards becoming a quintessential tea and coffee bar that not only serves great vegetarian food but also making a point to serve conscious consumers with the wide and trendy variety of organic food.

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

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