Grilling Times Ahead at Lionfresh

There was a time when we as kids would go to the super market (the first few places to have shopping carts) and pick up a pack of chicken sausages. Those dry sticks of meat that tasted like tyres and yet be so thrilled that it didn’t matter. Any meat coming out of a can was glorious. And at the same time the only thing we had at home was chicken or mutton curry. Where it came from? Only dad knew. And then there’s today when all fine dine restaurants serve you the most impeccable of meats, all lathered up in imported sauces. Now that the restaurant goers have finally opened up to other meats like pork, turkey and buff so have the home chefs. But bringing home a big hunk of pork, totters, ribs etc can still be a daunting task.

Lion Fresh

This is where LionFresh comes in. LionFresh is a Delhi based startup that is here to deliver high quality meats to your doorstep. Their processing unit in Gurgaon takes care of the hygiene issue you might face at a butcher’s. The meat comes to you as fresh as it can and all neatly packed. But it’s not just a meat delivery gig. It is a specialty meat place.

What separates LionFresh from others is that they while catering to high quality and hygienic generic meats like chicken with and without skin, or lamb they bring you exquisite meats raised in India or from partner farms around the globe. You will find Sous Vide (vacuum packed and slow cooked) baby back ribs, heritage ham, pork belly and sous vide pulled pork to take throne atop your favourite bread. Even in their lamb offerings they have Merguez sausages, a typical of Arabian and North African cuisine and sous vide lamb shanks.


Bharat, the co-founder tells us, “The Indian meat eater’s palate has evolved today. No longer do they stick to the pure chicken and mutton diets. They are open to the idea of using other different meats. Historically the quality available had been prohibitive but this is where we aim to change the dynamic. Considering this we started out in 2013 as Primo Foods with the simple goal of providing the highest quality meat products in India. Under the aegis of Primo Foods we started LionFresh in March 2016 to make our products more readily available to the meat connoisseurs of Delhi.” Primo Foods supplies fresh cold cuts through their in-house brand, La Carne Cuts and frozen ready-to-eat products under the name of Howdyji. They mix and match international and Indian flavours to match the Indian palate. They are also suppliers to some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country and were even asked to prepare the breakfast meats for President Obama for his last state visit.

Talking about the rapidly becoming popular sous vide technique he tells us, “Using sous vide techniques we slow cook the meats for upto 7-8 hours to achieve an evenness of cook otherwise impossible to achieve. This is then frozen and dispatched to customers. All they need to do is defrost, bring to temperature over a few minutes and they will be able to enjoy something at their homes that has not necessarily previously been easy to prepare.”


If your experimental hands are quivering with excitement, then maybe it’s time to order a lot of meat and get cookin’!


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